Salmon Fishing Kola Peninsula, Russia. Ponoi, Kharlovka, Yokanga, Varzuga, Varzina.

Russia is vast both in terms of landmass but also in terms of the fishing opportunities, especially when the barren tundra of the Kola Peninsula is explored. The monotony of the tundra soon gives way to some of the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world, some no wider than a highland spate river with others commanding the same respect as the mighty Tay. No matter what you favour the Kola Peninsula should provide and make for a most memorable experience.

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The rivers and to an extent the anglers on the Kola Peninsula can be split into two distinct categories; there are rivers that hold smaller numbers of salmon but provide the opportunity of a specimen of over 30 lbs or even 40 lbs. Then there are rivers that are abound with salmon, but rarely reach over 20 lbs. This can be one of the first decisions to make; size or quantity and this is where two camps of anglers emerge.

Secondly, the time of year to visit should be considered, which can differ considerably from river to river. Some peak in June, others in September with most offering very different experiences almost from week to week. For example, early June may call for fast sinking lines and heavy, bright flies yet just two weeks later and fish will gladly explode on the surface to a skated bomber. Some rivers just have a spring/ summer run, whereas some are fortunate enough to have both a spring and autumn run. Beyond that you have a dozen or so rivers to choose from, so a lot to take into account before finding the perfect match.

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Thankfully we have something to cover most requirements and budgets. Should you choose the chance of a specimen then there are the Kola, Varzina, Kharlovka or Yokanga rivers that offer individual appeal. Here fish of over 30 lbs are taken on most weeks and salmon of over 40 lbs are hooked, but can often prove to be too powerful an adversary.

For those seeking fish up to the 20 lbs mark there is the Umba river along with the Grand Varzuga as great options to consider, both providing great sport in pristine surroundings on some of the best fly water to be found anywhere. Great value for prime weeks.

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Finally there is the queen of the Kola, the Ponoi River. Spring weeks produce around 40 salmon per rod over six days with many of these fish being between 8-12 lbs – great sporting fish and a great place to learn the art of salmon fishing as many more are hooked and lost. Then you have the autumn fresh run fish that are among the hardest fighting you will ever encounter. The catch rate falls closer to 25 per rod over six days, however, the quality more than makes up for this with many being between 10-16 lbs and a fish of 20 lbs being taken on most weeks. Great fishing and a fantastic river for both the beginner and seasoned salmon angler. Costs vary depending on the week with availability usually being limited in the prime spring and autumn weeks.

Salmon Fishing Kola Peninsula, Russia. Ponoi, Kharlovka, Yokanga, Varzuga, Varzina.

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