4 Weeks, 1012 GT’s, 11 over 1 meter, 4 over 1,10 meters and 2 over 1,20 meters. The largest measuring 1,26 meters.  The first part of our 2014/2015 Cosmoledo live aboard season has just come to an end and once again the GT figures have been astounding. Over the 4 week period 1012 GT’s were landed between the 40 lucky anglers who ventured out on the 4 trips. Not only was the amount of fish astounding but so were the sizes of these fly caught monsters.

Tight Lines Keith Rose -Innes and the Alphonse Fishing Co.

The GT honour roll

Bernd Elendt-Schneider 126cm
Rob Le Sueur and Bernd Elendt-Schneider 123cm
Vadim Titovets and Bernd Elendt-Schneider 118cm
Ian Hodge 119cm
Grigory Malshakov 115cm
Mills Shenk 113cm
Igor Perepletchikov 108cm
Justin McCarthy and Ty Pollock 106cm
Andrew Wadham and Vladimir Rybalchenko Jr 105cm
Dave Fast and Frikkie Botha 103cm
Ty Pollock 102cm
David Miller and David Reverdito 101cm
Vladimir Rybalchenko Jr 100cm

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