As restrictions on travelling to Cuba from the USA have lifted, the anticipated increase requests for space throughout Cuba followed.  With that have come changes in how the operators will work in future and this will have a direct affect of those anglers fishing in 2016, who may wish to return to fish in 2017.  In a nutshell, the first right of refusal will no longer apply so if you do wish to retain your space for 2017, you have until 30th September 2015 to secure your space.

This will affect the majority of Cuba’s flats fishing destinations and there have also been changes to trip schedules which will affect Cayo Largo, Cayo Cruz, Cayo Santa Maria and Isla de Juventud (Isle of Youth). Only Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) schedules will remain unaffected.

From Cuba’s largest individual operator, Avalon, the press release laying out how they will accept bookings in 2017 is included below. For more details or if you would like to hold space please contact Steffan Jones or call +44(0)1980 847389.

Considering the growing interest of many fishermen for fishing in Cuba, and given the situation of the limited number of boats and yachts that we can offer in our fishing destinations (to avoid affecting the performance of marine parks and protected ecosystems), we are forced to introduce changes in our sales policy.

For the 2017 season, we have decided on the following policy priorities for reservations:

– For groups that have booked/confirmed weeks in 2016 (with deposits sent and received) and would like to take the same weeks in the 2017 season, you will be able to confirm those 2017 dates only during the period of September 1st through September 30th of 2015.

– We need a 5% deposit (only applicable to the group you are trying to confirm) of the total amount due to consider your dates pre-booked. Then we will require a 25% additional deposit to be sent 1 year before trip dates to confirm this booking.

– After October 05, 2015, weeks of 2017 that have not been confirmed with deposits, will be considered available offered and sold to interested parties at a first come first serve basis.

– Note there are modifications on trip schedules (check attached price lists), with different arrival days than on past years. We have done this because Havana is normally sold out during weekends, and results really hard to find space at 5 star hotels. We are convinced that these changes will help us offering best hotels to our guests, available most of the times. Only destination that won’t be modified is Jardines de la Reina.