I have recently returned from a trip to Desroches and although the weather gods weren’t particularly kind while we were there, it didn’t detract from the fact that Desroches really is a fantastic place to spend time with your loved ones.  It offers a wide range of great accommodation, superb food, diving, snorkelling and most drinks are included in the price which, in the Seychelles, makes it a very cost effective option.  A brief report from the Desroches team below.  Charlotte

The Desroches guide team has had some fantastic permit and trigger fishing on Poivre atoll lately. The key to success is cool water and neap tides, which allows you to fish for these torturous tailing trophies for hours on end.

Ilya Sherbovich who recently visited the island was skilled enough to catch both a Yellow-Margin and Indo-Pacific Permit durig his stay. There is no better place for comfort and a couple days fly fishing the a joining atolls.

If you would like information on Desroches, or would like to combine a stay on Desroches with one of the Seychelles many other islands and propertties, please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call our office on +44( 0)1980 847389.