Bosnia and Croatia

Excellent Fly Fishing in Bosnia and Croatia

These rivers are alive with grayling, brown & rainbow trout that throughout the summer months feed freely on the surface on the many upwing insects that hatch on the rivers. Some anglers will even get a chance to fish for the famous Danube salmon or huchen (Hucho hucho), part of the salmon family it is distantly related to the taimen in Mongolia.

Rivers such as the Pliva, Ribnik and Sanica offer crystal clear chalkstream-like water where the fish are easily seen although they can scrutinise each fly offered to them. These are exciting dry fly waters where you can target fish for long periods of time whilst trying the beautifully made local fly patterns.


On the Croatian border you will find the Una and Unac rivers, these are more powerful rivers begin their course on the slopes of the Stražbenica mountain. These rivers can be fished effectively with weighted nymphs and streamer techniques, although when a hatch starts the dry fly fishing can be some of the best experienced in Europe. Venture a little further into Croatia and you will find more chalkstream-like spring-fed rivers that are home to some very large grayling.


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The Danube River

The Danube River, second longest river in Europe, may begin in Germany yet several beautiful tributaries of this system can be found in the North West of Bosnia and Croatia. A mixture of turbulent mountain rivers and crystal clear spring-fed rivers scar this spectacular landscape. The rugged hills can be awash with the rich greens of spring or the vivid shades of autumn.

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