Chawalo Lodge

Three Rives Provide Excellent Fishing Opportunities

The Chawalo Lodge sits on the Cahora Bassa Lake, and conjoins three different countries, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Providing anglers with deep clear waters for catching the elusive tigerfish.

catch Africa’s premier freshwater game fish

The lower Zambezi River offers anglers the opportunity to fish for Africa’s premier freshwater game fish, the tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) in some of Africa’s finest big five country. This particular area is known as the Zambezi River Valley and has proven to be one of the world’s premier fly fishing destinations for tigerfish. The lower Zambezi starts below the famous Victoria Falls from where it flows below Lake Kariba through the Zambezi Valley and into Cahora Bassa.

This section of Zambezi River is famous for the large number of large tigerfish that it has produced over the years. Further upstream the river forms a gorge with very little structure and lower downstream the dam has no flow, concentrating the huge numbers of feeding tigerfish in the area around Chawalo.

Best of all is that there are no long boat rides required to get to the fishing grounds! Eighty percent of the fishing sessions are conducted within five kilometres from camp. The best period to fish the area is in June when the air temperatures are pleasant and fish feed for most of the day. The fishing in the lower Zambezi is something not to be missed. It not only offers anglers the opportunity to target huge tigerfish, but other fly eating species such as vundu up to 50kgs. Fishing is done from boats, all the while drifting through some of the most spectacular scenery Africa has to offer.

Comfortable chalets

Chawalo will cater for a maximum of eight fishermen at a time, all clients will be housed in thatched chalets, with en-suite bathrooms. Hot water in the rooms are provided through wood-fired “donkeys”.

All rooms have electric lights which are powered by solar-panels. Inverters are provided to invert the 12-Volt solar power to 220Volts. Full housekeeping is included in the lodge services, this includes daily laundry. The spacious rooms each have twin ¾ beds, mosquito nets and overhead fans.

A large dining area forms the backdrop for many memorable evening meals. Chawalo has a well stocked bar, a comfortable lounge area and dining room which is situated in the central area of the camp.

There is also the added bonus of a splash pool for those wanting to refresh themselves before the next fishing session. Meal times revolve around the fishing sessions, with pre-packed sandwiches being the norm when heading out early. On returning from the morning session anglers will receive a tasty brunch/ lunch. Dinner is held in the dining room where delicious three course meals are served.

“I wasn’t quite prepared for how outstanding an experience this would be: great guides, good humor and some phenomenal tiger fishing.” D.B. – Edinburgh

the headwaters of lake Cahora Bassa

The lower Zambezi is one of Africa’s famed wilderness areas, so throwing a mighty-fly-crippling species like the tiger fish into the equation and the results are sure to make it a trip of lifetime! Chawalo Concession covers the beautiful western corner of Mozambique. The camp is situated on the northern bank of the Zambezi River, approximately 13 km downstream from the town of Zumbo, and roughly 15 km downstream from the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers.

The area covers the headwaters of lake Cahora Bassa, where the mighty Zambezi River slows down and spread out into various channels which run into the lake. These channels vary in width from 100m to 2km.

Huge islands of up to 100 hectares are formed in the main channel. These islands are covered by reed beds and from time to time form huge floodplains. The edges of these islands provide ideal cover for baitfish and attract large numbers of tiger fish.

The channels between these islands form huge glides and some fast flowing rapids which are interspersed by sandbars and various forms of structure, the ideal tiger fish habitat.

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