Dorado Lodge

Fly Fishing in Argentina

Dorado Lodge is located on a 20,000 acre private ranch with exclusive access to the best section of Rio Tucanes, adjacent to the border of a National Park, a great sanctuary for wildlife, including the fabled Golden Dorado.

Salta Province in NW Argentina is the only place on earth where you can consistently catch large freshwater dorado (Salminus maxilosus) on small, clear streams. Parque Nacional del Rey in Salta is located in the transition zone between the high altitude Andes range and the Yunga, an extension of the Amazon watershed. Our home waters, the Rio Tucanes, is a tributary of a tributary of the Parana River basin.


Dorado Lodge’s private stretch of river is 19 km long and only 30’ to 60’ wide. It is protected within a jungle (yunga) canyon and here’s no wind, making it very easy to fly fish. Dorado Lodge also have access to the Juramento River.

This fantastic river was tamed after the building of a hydroelectric dam in 1973. Dorado migrated from the Parana River basin and created what is the only clear tailwater river with “L” size Dorado (up to 40 lbs) The Juramento averages 100 ft wide but you rarely cast longer than 50 ft. A typical day will produce some 20 strikes with half of these actually hooked and some landed.

Fish over 15 lbs will push you and your tackle to the limits and depending on the anglers fighting skills, it can be a fish caught or a fish lost. The average Dorado is 8 to 10 lbs and during your stay you may hook fish well over 20 lbs. The record Dorado to the boat on a fly is 37 lbs.

“A wonderful experience all round”

The Ranch House

The main building, the Ranch House, has a large living room with open kitchen and bar and second floor with enough place to hold up to 4 anglers at a time. There is now mains electricity and the lodge depends on a generator and solar panels, but you will have enough power to charge your batteries, check the internet and make phone calls.

Preserving History

The lodge is located on a private cattle ranch and belongs to a local family since the late 1900’s. It was formerly a logging ranch until the owners decided to follow the same rules as the National Park and preserve it as such.

There are ancient trees with extremely hard and precious wood and in its most remote parts there are incredible wild animals like Puma, Tapir, Yaguarete (South American Jaguar), Monkeys, Toucans, several species of Parrots and the tasty but protected Pava del Monte or wild South American turkey.

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