Fishing Hawaii is not a numbers game

For a while stories of giant bonefish have been emanating from Hawaii. The fishery there is relatively undeveloped and has been pioneered by Terence Duffield, also known as “Coach Duff”. Duff is the original bonefish guide in Hawaii and through numerous hours on the water he has figured out how to catch these monsters. Fishing Hawaii is not a numbers game, and this is a tough fishery. It can be flat out brutal with big winds, spooky massive bonefish (the Hawaiian State record is 18 pounds) and every single bonefish is earned. But the payoffs are huge also.


Haukadalsá flows into Breidafjord and is surrounded by a number of other famous salmon rivers. The river is medium sized and with only five rods fishing over eight kilometres there are over 40 marked pools in which salmon are plentiful. The pools are unusually long with many riffles which encourage salmon to hold on their journey to the top. As the river flows directly out of Lake Haukadalsvatn, the water levels remain very steady.

One of the biggest advantages of this river is the fantastic accessibility as you can reach virtually every pool in beats 2 to 5 on foot. Guides will transport you to beat 1 near the sea in their 4WD vehicle equipped with your favorite beer and wine allowing you more time to fish.

The average catch in Haukadalsá over the past few years has been 1.6 fish per rod per day at an average weight of 6 lbs. The long pools on Haukadalsá provide unbelievable clear views of the salmon you are about to catch contributing to the exhilarating fly-fishing experience. The season runs from 20th June to 17th September in 2014, with the best weeks generally falling between early July and end of August.


a charming lodge

The charming lodge will be your home for your stay. The lodge is a one story building set on the riverbank directly overlooking beat 5 with breath-taking views over the hills on one side and over the sea on the other.

Each rod has a private double room with en-suite facilities with linen changed daily. You will be able to relax in the rustic living room, share fishing stories in the outdoor hot tub, enjoy the sauna or lounge on the terrace protected from the wind.

The aim is to provide a familiar, friendly atmosphere where you can put your feet up and feel that you are among friends. All meals are prepared by the experienced chef. You will be spoiled with the freshest fish, naturally spiced lamb (from herbs they graze), cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream produced down the road. Alcoholic beverages can be provided at client request. Most guests bring their wine of choice and we will store and serve it as required. Snacks are available throughout the day.

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