Las Salinas

Las Salinas

Looking for a budget saltwater fishing destination where some sacrifices are made with the accommodation but none are made with the fishing? Then Las Salinas is the place for you. Best of all it is just a two hour drive from Havana, meaning that you can really concentrate on the fishing with no overnights needed in Havana.


Until recently no motorboats were allowed to operate in these waters, which restricted the access and exploration of these fish-rich waters. However, the operation now has four single skiffs and two double skiffs with engines, enabling the area to now fully reach its potential. Be among the first to explore and fish this exciting new fishery. Bonefish have been averaging around 4lbs, with plenty around the 6lbs to cast at. Catches of 10-20 bonefish a day can be commonplace, with good sightings and opportunities at permit if you’re lucky.

“What we are really excited about is the vast area remaining unfished or properly scouted.”  – From the operators

a clean and comfortable lodge

The accommodation is not fancy, but it is clean and comfortable with single rooms coming as standard. Rooms also come with a ceiling fan and/or air conditioning as standard. Food is plentiful but basic. If the fishing is your main priority then you will not be disappointed.


Zapata National Park

Las Salinas is located in the Zapata National Park on the southern side of Cuba – travel straight out seawards from the park and you come to Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth), which gives you an indication of this largely unexplored fishery’s potential.

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