2020 Mayfly Availability – Chalkstream Fly Fishing

The best mayfly chalkstream fly fishing 2020

The new chalkstream fly fishing season is about to open, a little later than planned… and just in time to catch the prime mayfly days. With access to some first class private country estate locations set in the beautiful Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Dorset countryside. We can cater for individual rod days and same household groups, Suitable for all chalkstream fly fishing abilities.

The Magical Mayfly Hatch

Chalkstream fly fishing during the magical mayfly hatch is a truly special experience. For the avid anglers there is nothing quite like watching these large flies floating majestically down the stream to suddenly disappear as the neb of a large trout breaks the surface. Heart stopping moments.

It is possible to secure your preferred mayfly dates whether a single angler or group now. So do not hesitate to contact us for details on availability.

Please note that there have been various changes made in terms of hut access and bankside protocol in response to the Covid-19 outbreak in order to protect all anglers, keepers, guides and so on.

Prime Mayfly Fly Fishing Availability 2020:


Monday 1st June:

Tuesday 2nd June:

Wednesday 3rd June:

Thursday 4th June:

Friday 5th June:

Saturday 6th June:
Compton Chamberlayne, River Nadder – 2 rods

Sunday 7th June:
Compton Chamberlayne, River Nadder – 2 to 6 rods

Monday 8th June:
Private Estate, Middle River Test – 1 or 2 rods

Tuesday 9th June:
Compton Chamberlayne, River Nadder – 2 rods

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