Aunan Lodge, Orkla – Norway

Big fish and great accommodation

Aunan Lodge is located on the banks of the River Orkla in Norway and offers 5.5 kilometres of continuous Atlantic salmon fly fishing consisting of 17 very different pools, most of which have both banks controlled by the lodge which is very unique by Norwegian standards. Just 12 rods are allowed on the waters giving guests the space and variation to fish methodically and not feel rushed through pools.

Consistent water and fishing conditions

The Orkla is one of the five major Atlantic salmon fly fishing rivers that run into the Trondheim Fjord, along with the Gaula, Nidelva, Stjordal and Verdal. The salmon can run nearly 90 km up the river from the fjord, with great holding pools and runs along the way. The Aunan Lodge is conveniently based 55 kilometres from the mouth of the river meaning that fresh fish can reach the waters quickly and will often take up residency in the pools throughout the season.

The fishing at Aunan Lodge runs on a fly only basis, but for groups taking all 12 rods spinning is also allowed by prior arrangement. Catch and release is strongly encouraged. The size and velocity of the river lends itself perfectly for fly fisher’s, pools offer classic taking spots and readable current. So whether you are an experienced salmon angler or early in you quest for silver you will find the water a joy to fish. Each group will also have two guides that will divide their time between the 12 anglers, offering advice and invaluable insights where possible.

The water height on the Orkla is fairly stable throughout the season due to being regulated for hydro-power production. This means that the lodge avoids most big floods, and that anglers have a fishable water height even in times of drought. The water temperature is also affected by the hydro power production with the outflow from the dam running at 4-5 degrees, so the main river almost never exceeds 15 degrees, even during prolonged heat in the summer.

Comfortable accommodation and great food

Aunan Lodge comprises four cabins with a combined total of 12 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. There’s a small refrigerator in each cabin that can be used for guest’s own drinks, and there’s an electric kettle with coffee and tea free for guests to help themselves. There is no daily housekeeping, but can be provided if required. There are also dedicated drying rooms so anglers can dry waders and coats when not on the water. Meals are served in the restaurant in the Potato store, the main building at Aunan Lodge. With a buffet style breakfast, simple lunch or packed lunch to take on the river. A three course dinner is served at 1900 for all anglers to enjoy together.

Easy to reach lodge and fishing

The Aunan Lodge is located between the towns of Storås and Meldal, in the middle of Norway, only an hour 40 minutes drive from the Trondheim airport. It is conveniently accessible from all major international destinations.

The fishing is one continuous stretch, with all beats clearly marked and easy to reach by car or in some cases by foot.

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