Slovenia Fly Fishing

Excellent Trout and grayling fishing

In the North-Western corner of Slovenia you will find crystal clear glacier fed rivers filled with a diverse range of species including grayling, rainbow trout, brown trout and the mysterious marble trout.

Discover The Sava and Soca Rivers

The Sava River and its tributaries are world-famous for their fantastic grayling fishing, large rainbow trout and good sized brown trout. In the winter months there are also opportunities to catch the elusive Danubian salmon (Hucho hucho). Although rainbow trout are not indigenous to Slovenia, since their introduction from North America they adapted quickly and now provide anglers with spectacular fishing and energetic battles.

The Soca River and its tributaries are situated in the Adriatic Sea basin. This is possibly the most famous river system in Slovenia due to the fact that it is home to genetically pure marble trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus). These rivers also have Adriatic grayling, although considered the same as its Sava relative, it is in fact quite difference in appearance and thought to be a different sub-species.

The fishing is mainly done using 4-6 weight fly rods, 7-8 weights can be used when fishing streamer patterns for large Marble trout. The dry fly fishing, when possible, can be spectacular the hatches can even bring up the smaller marble trout to feed of the surface. The majority of the time fishing will be done using nymphs but due to the water clarity this can be as exciting as dry fly fishing.

A range of Accommodations

There is a range of accommodation options for both river systems and we will endeavor to provide the best options in the best areas based around your requirements and desires.

“Slovenia has by far and away been the best trip I have been on so far. It was the perfect trip for me with great diversity in the fishing from fishing the tiny upper canyon down to that huge marble trout in the larger river! The guide, Rok, was great he really knew the rivers and how to fish them. I cant wait to go back.”  Marcus B. – UK

world’s finest river fishing

There are two river systems here in particular that offer some of the world’s finest river fishing, the longest alpine river in Slovenia the Sava and the Adriatic basin’s Soca River.

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