UK Chalkstream Grayling Fishing

Winter fishing for the Lady of the Stream

Referred to as ‘the lady of the stream’, grayling are found throughout the UK chalkstreams. The silvery, ghost-like, shadows with a striking orange dorsal fin can often be seen elegantly holding position in the flow amongst beds of ranunculus and clean white gravel.

Dry fly and Nymph Fishing for Grayling

They thrive in the nutrient and invertebrate rich conditions provided by these spring-fed streams and river systems and throughout the summer and autumn months can be found rising freely up and down the rivers. In the winter, after the trout season has finished, grayling can be targeted on certain beats with both nymphs and dry flies.

If you are looking to catch your first grayling, or hunt a specimen, there are beats for all anglers. They may not have the fight of the more sporting brown trout but they can be challenging and can offer hours of frustrating enjoyment throughout the long winter months.