Wiltshire Chalkstream flyfishing

Great fishing diversity

With Salisbury marking the coming together of five chalkstreams, there is a rich vein of fly fishing opportunity in Wiltshire. Each river offering a different challenge to the discerning fly fisherman.

Good fly hatches and wild trout

The Wiltshire chalkstreams are made up of the Ebble, Nadder and Wylye rivers to the west of Salisbury and the Bourne to the east, all meeting the Avon which flows north to south through the cathedral city. Crystal clear waters flow on all sides of the city filled with wild trout and grayling.

With relatively little stocking throughout these valleys the native trout population has been allowed to thrive. Every season large fish can be found feeding during the many consistent insect hatches throughout the season. Due to the comparatively early opening to the season those willing to brave the conditions can be rewarded with good large dark olive and grannom hatches which are often missed on the neighbouring rivers.