As the sun sets on the buzzing days of Mayfly season, anglers often find themselves overlooking the abundant opportunities that lie beyond. The chalkstreams, with their tranquil waters and thriving ecosystem, hold secrets and delights waiting to be discovered throughout the fishing season.

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Diverse Fly Hatches:

While Mayfly may take centre stage in the angler’s calendar, late summer brings forth a variety of other flies , from sedges to caddisflies, Blue winged olives and a plethora of terrestrial insects, the chalkstreams become a haven for fly-fishing enthusiasts seeking diverse experiences. These lesser-known hatches provide ample opportunities for exciting catches and memorable moments on the water.

Nymphing After July 1st:

 Equally exciting aspects of fishing on the chalkstreams is the allowance of nymphing after July 1st. As the riverbanks bask in the warmth of summer, nymph patterns become particularly effective in enticing elusive large trout and grayling. This extended technique window opens up new possibilities for anglers to hone their skills and enjoy the thrill of a different approach to fly fishing.

Tranquil Atmosphere and Cost-Efficiency:

Venturing out onto the chalkstreams beyond the Mayfly season offers anglers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a tranquil atmosphere. With fewer crowds and less competition for fishing spots, anglers can relish in the serenity of the riverbanks while enjoying a more cost-efficient fishing experience. Additionally, the availability of fishing and accommodation often improves outside of peak season, making it easier for anglers to plan their excursions at their convenience. We all love value!

Testcombe River Test, Chalkstream Fly Fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Creating Lasting Memories:

Beyond the thrill of the catch, fishing on the chalkstreams post Mayfly season provides a platform for cherished moments with friends and family. Whether it’s indulging in a leisurely lunch by the riverbank or sharing stories as the sun sets on another day of angling, these experiences create lasting memories that extend far beyond the confines of the fishing season.

Embrace the Adventure:

As the allure of Mayfly season fades, it’s time to embrace the adventure that awaits on the chalkstreams. With diverse fly hatches, the opportunity for nymphing after July 1st, and a tranquil atmosphere waiting to be explored, late summer offers a wealth of experiences for anglers of all levels. So, pack your gear, gather your  team of friends or  Family, and embark on a fishing adventure that promises excitement, and unforgettable memories amidst nature’s beauty, just like all fishing trips.

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