After a truly memorable first week of the season on Farquhar, we were super keen to get our second group of clients into some big fish. The group consisted of guys from Canada, Europe and South Africa, and being truly avid fly fishermen they were ready to catch whatever we put in front of them. We were also fortunate to have world renowned fishing photographer and friend Henry Gilbey with us to showcase the impressive we were bound to catch. Starting the week on a new moon spring tide meant one thing for sure, there was going to be loads of water movement which would lead to short but explosive sessions on the flats, ideal for the highly prized GTs and Triggers which Farquhar has become synonymous with. To say we were ready to go was putting it mildly!


The GT account was opened by Bruce Schenk who landed a 115cm GT off the bat…. not bad for his first effort at throwing a fly, nice work Bruce. A total of 7 GTs where landed on the first day along with a bag of other different species. We were off to great start!


But how would the rest of the week develop? The GT’s provided with opportunities on a daily basis and although a few fish managed reclaim their freedom prematurely, the guys experienced some quality fishing. Billy Boucher landed our second fish which topped the meter mark with a fine specimen of 106cm. Bruce was again in the action a few days into the week when he landed his second fish over the 100cm mark.


Then to show it’s diversity, Farquhar offered some truly memorable Bonefishing with some great single and double tailing fish being encountered in the surf. Although the Triggers were strangely erratic and reluctant to eat the fly, we did manage to get one or two. As for the Bumpies, John Gregory & John Munro managed to land some great specimen, with John’s in particular being an enormous fish of 70 lbs. To say we were all chuffed is a complete understatement!


Sadly as with all trips, they need to come to end. We had enjoyed terrific fishing with an amazing group of chaps who we hope to see again in the not too distant future. A total 22 GTs were landed on the flats, with 3 going past the 100cm mark. We had landed some great Bumpies, a few Triggers and had some classic Bonefishing. Add some large Bluefin Trevally and a host of Grouper and Snapper species, it is little wonder the group are keen to return to Farquhar in the not too distant future!


Brad Hyman