Once again Peter participated in taking the wounded to the waterside with the Salisbury And District Angling Club. Here is his report from the day:

On Thursday I once again represented Fishing For Forces and in conjunction with the Salisbury And District Angling Club we took some of the wounded from Tedworth house recovery centre out fishing. This week we were coarse fishing at Petersfinger lake near Salisbury.

Since my first involvement one of the most important factors in what we do on these days is that they are entirely about the soldiers. There is no money raising, no marketing spin, it remains simply about taking the wounded to the waterside. I am always staggered by the generosity of the members and how many volunteers turn up to help out – today was no exception.

The minibus from Tedworth House pitched up as usual at about 1030 and after a quick welcome chat and a cup of coffee we partnered everyone up with individual mentors and got them out on the water. I know the SADAC members always get a big kick out of sharing their knowledge and getting them hooked into fish, and like all fishing it is wonderful to watch people new to it become so absorbed in what they are doing. I think this is one of the reasons it is so beneficial.

As I am not very good at coarse fishing these days I do the cooking at lunch time, so as per usual out came the BBQ and we laid on a feast although I can never understand why no one eats the salad.. A little inclement weather made an appearance but we did not let that curb our enthusiasm.

Fish were caught throughout the day, although nothing massive appeared in the keep nets today. By the time it came to 4.00pm I think the fresh air and food had got to everyone. Again another highly successful day with a couple of the lads saying that they would like to so more after trying it which is congratulations enough. Thanks to all those that participated and we look forward to our last day of the year in September.