Booking your annual fishing trip or a trip of a lifetime is a personal and detailed affair. As such, who you choose to book with is of utmost importance, connecting rather than just feeling like another number on a score sheet. We endeavour to put a face to the name when possible but for the time being here’s an introduction to the team.

Peter McLeod

Peter has done nothing but fly fishing travel for 20 years and in that time has visited over 60 operations personally, some of them as many as nine times (Seychelles and Los Roques). He has travelled extensively in his quest to find the finest fly fishing experiences available. His depth of technical knowledge is equally at home hunting salmon in Iceland, taimen in Mongolia or giant trevally in the Seychelles. Over the last 12 years saltwater fishing has been his focus and his knowledge of saltwater destinations is second to none. His fascination with trevally species is bordering on the obsessive and he is constantly scouring the globe for that next mind blowing hotspot to target these bull dogs of the flats. Peter consults for Hardy Greys and has been involved in the testing and development of the new SINTRIX rods in both freshwater and saltwater. He also consults on international fly patterns for Fulling Mill Flies and contributes numerous articles to magazines and books.  Peter has an infectious sense of fun and does not take himself too seriously. For him it is all about the fishing and the pleasure of sharing those experiences with others. In his spare time he enjoys flower arranging and basket weaving.  Peter by email or you can call the office on 01980 847389.

Charlotte Chilcott

Charlotte has an unshakeable love of travel which has led her to little known and unexplored parts of the world, including Africa, Turkey, Mongolia and Nepal.  She also has a first hand extensive knowledge of Southern and East Africa, the islands of the Indian Ocean (particularly the Seychelles), Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela and Belize and is focused on expanding our portfolio of combination trips for fishers and non-fishers.  With 20 years experience in the industry she is a firm believer that there really is no reason for either party to feel hard done by on a combination trip, particularly if on safari, as there are so many fantastic options out there.   Happiest doing the unusual, she landed her first sailfish and first rooster fish before she caught a trout and has landed more milkfish than anyone else here.  She freely admits to an enduring love/hate relationship with triggerfish and spends more time than she lets on planning their downfall, muttering darkly about recipes for foolproof flies.  Sadly, her experimental recipes are not always limited to trigger flies; beware the office birthday cakes as traditional recipes are often cast aside.  Charlotte by email or you can call the office on 01980 847389.

Steffan Jones

If you’re looking for something in South America then Steffan is your man. We doubt anyone in the industry has this continent better covered, certainly when it comes to Argentina.  He has fished over 10 different rivers on Tierra Del Fuego alone! Beyond that, Steffan is your guy for Russia, New Zealand, Iceland and has also covers Mexico, Cuba and the Seychelles. Closer to home Steffan will often be found in the fishing publications more often than not on the subject of sea trout, a species it would be fair to say that he has an obsession over and knows more about than most books on the subject. If not fishing then he will be found out-and-about with his faithful companions Taff and Till, his sometimes obedient cocker spaniels, chasing wildfowl, pheasants or woodcock. A true countryman at heart who will always go that extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want from a trip and will share your passion and enthusiasm, no matter where you’re travelling.  Steffan by email or you can call the office on 01980 847389.

Alex Jardine

Alex was raised on a diet of fly fishing and absorbed anything and everything from his father, Charles Jardine, from a very early age.  Several years of competition fishing at world level has made Alex one of the more technically minded trout fishermen in the UK.  Fishing has allowed Alex to travel extensively in pursuit of his quarry, from chasing trout in New Zealand, Montana, Iceland and around Europe to stalking bonefish on the flats of Los Roques. He is happiest on the water, be that fishing or guiding on the chalkstreams that he loves so much.  So great is his need to fish that Alex struggles to go even a mile from his house without taking his fishing equipment with him.  As part of the Partridge Pro Team, Alex is often found giving fly tying demonstrations and is always happy to advise and share his extensive knowledge.  It is rumored that as a child, Charles only gave Alex fly reels to play with – toys were for other children – but he can strip down and reassemble any reel, blindfolded in record time.  Quiet times on the banks will see Alex honing his macrame skills.  Alex by email or you can call the office on 01980 847389.

Amy Stainer

An essential part of the team, Amy is keeps an eagle eye on all the details, no matter how large or small, that each trip entails. Like the rest of the team, Amy has a love of travel and in particular the Kenyan coastal region of Watamu and nearby Mombasa.  Amy has spent a considerable amount of time there and is the ideal person to chat to about the benefits of one coastal property over another, particularly if combining it with a safari.   While not being 100% convinced of the many benefits of fishing, Amy is 100% convinced of the benefits of shopping and continues to try and convince us that our obsession with tackle and flies is no different to hers for handbags and shoes.  Amy can be contacted by by email or you can call the office on 01980 847389.

Basil McLeod
Last but definitely not least, Basil – handsome and friendly, he has a passion for fishing himself, often casting care aside to plunge deeply into the waters in pursuit of his piscine prey.