Over the years, golden dorado have developed a reputation as a fearsome predator and one of the most exciting species to target on a fly in freshwater. While targeting these fantastic fish is an excellent stand-alone trip, a week or even a few days can make the perfect add-on to a trip elsewhere in Argentina. Northern Argentina offers some of the finest golden dorado fishing in South America and the opportunity to experience landscape and wildlife that contrast entirely to the trout and sea trout fishing in Patagonia. Although dorado are found in many rivers in the country’s north, there are several standout destinations which we have detailed below.

Pira Lodge

Pira Lodge is located in Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands, one of the most unique and fascinating wetlands in the world. Pira Lodge is tucked into northern Argentina’s lush marshlands. The area itself is twice the size of the Florida Everglades and is the second-largest wetland in the world. This breathtakingly beautiful ecosystem is rich in flora and fauna and is home to over 350 species of birds. The marsh comprises freshwater creeks, lakes, swamps, and lagoons, providing the perfect habitat for solid numbers of Golden Dorado. Unlike some other dorado destinations, the waters in the Ibera Marshlands are clear, making sight fishing possible.

Pira accommodates up to 10 guests in five large rooms, each with a private entrance, private bath, two double beds and air conditioning. A separate building, attached by covered galleries, accommodates the spacious living room, bar and dining room, each with tall doors which open up to the wide veranda. The lodge was designed to respect the traditional local architecture while offering all of the comforts of a contemporary hotel. Pirá offers wonderful cuisine based on local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and delicious deserts.

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The Golden Dorado River Cruiser

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is the only mothership program in Argentina. The program offers the opportunity to fish the Paraná River and the Entre Rios delta system like never before. With a total length of over 1,500 miles, The Paraná River is the second largest in South America and the hundreds of tributaries, deltas, marshlands, lagoons and side channels are full of unique flora and fauna.

The mothership travels throughout the Paraná River system to follow the migration of dorado throughout the season. Guests staying on the mothership will access the most remote waters, which hold unpressured dorado. Not only do these waters offer substantial numbers of golden dorado, but there’s also pira pita, pacú and wolfish to target. Guests are picked up and driven from Buenos Aires to the mothership, which makes this an ideal option for a shorter trip.

The mothership is simple but very comfortable and provides all the amenities for a great fishing trip. Enjoy the best Argentinean food paired with a fine selection of renowned Argentinean wines. After dinner, reflect on the day of fishing in the mothership’s living area with a drink in hand or admire the views of the Paraná River from the boat’s veranda. Guests stay in the 4 double occupancy rooms – each has air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, comfortable beds and internet connection.

In addition to eating on board, some lunches and dinners can be enjoyed from a one of the many small beaches or sand bars along the river.

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Suindá Lodge

Suindá Lodge is a Dorado angler’s dream, strategically located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes. The region houses one of the most productive sections on the Upper Paraná River, a clear-water fishery that consistently produces good numbers of large Dorado. The secret of this part of the river lies in its structure: generally fast-flowing runs, coursing over beautiful rock gardens. Due to the clarity of the water the Upper Paraná offers exceptional sight-fishing opportunities for dorado when the conditions are right. Although large dorado are the main focus of the fishing program, this is multi-species fishery where anglers can also target pacú and pirá pitá on dries. One spectacle seen during the season is the huge numbers of sabalo (baitfish) that congregate in massive schools along the edges of sandbanks. Watching large dorado bust up on these schools is an impressive sight. Not only does Sunidá offer some excellent fishing, but it is also an exceptional destination for lovers of wildlife and especially birds with many unusual species in the area.

The custom 21-foot Marsopa bay boats are kitted with 150 4-strokes, fore and aft casting decks, and poling platforms. They have been built exclusively for the lodge and are comfortable to fish from and an ideal boat to explore the river.

The newly built lodge is located a stones throw from the river. Stilted living quarters are perched on a high bluff and nine feet above the ground which means you have stunning views of the Paraná River and surrounding area.

The property includes three spacious, two-bedroom “cabañas”, with private bathrooms. Wooden footbridges conveniently connect each room to the main dining hall. From there, it’s a short walk to the water, where you’ll spend your days exploring the Paraná’s most productive, structure-rich sections for big dorado.

Delta Lodge

This unique operation allows anglers to fish for dorado for golden dorado within view of Buenos Aires’ skyscrapers or escape further into the delta and visit the myriad of braids and channels found in the surrounding wetland. The area teems with life, and anglers target not only golden dorado but also the lesser known, equally aggressive tararia.

Delta Lodge offers day and multi-day trips for rods who wish to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. The boat’s marina is accessed via a short transfer from the centre (around 45 minutes). From there, you will spend the day exploring the water with a local, English-speaking guide.The program at Delta Lodge has been designed for those with limited time to spare when or for those with a few days either side of their visit to areas like Tierra Del Fuego.

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