There are many and varied locations around the world where anglers congregate to target sailfish, both on fly and on conventional tackle and Central America continues to be a sailfish hotspot. This relatively narrow strip of land separating both the mighty Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and North and South America, provides a base for some of the finest bluewater fishing on the planet.  It also ticks all the boxes for a trip that combines fishing with exploring, with seeing more of the country than just its docks and bluewater. Guatemala and Costa Rica are fabulous destinations in their own right but why not combine them? Visit Antigua Guatemala, walk in the foothills of Arenal, wonder at the Osa Peninsula’s richness of flora and fauna …. just relax and experience a little bit of heaven.

Two of the most consistent destinations for sailfish are Costa Rica and Guatemala. Not only the scene of excellent fishing but also a plethora of non-fishing activities and eco-exploration, they offer a diverse range of fishing for conventional and fly anglers alike. Like the ecologically rich lands, the seas in this area of the world are rich. From the smallest of baitfish to the largest of the bluewater species the offshore fishing can be excellent for both disciplines. The action is often fast and furious as these hunters attack small packs of baitfish along contours close to the beaches and surrounding structure. Sailfish and marlin appear out of the depths, slashing at teasers and casts must be quick and accurate. They flash shades of electric blue as they charge down your surface lure, their bills cutting through the water in pursuit of the fly. Once hooked the excitement is not over, the searing runs and soaring jumps of sailfish and the brutish power of a marlin will test the anger and skipper to their limits. They are the ultimate game fish.

Once the core of the Mayan civilisation, Guatemala is steeped in history and ecologically rich. Nowhere else in the world can boast the sheer number of sailfish than the Pacific side of Guatemala. On average a boat will raise up to 30 sailfish a day, an average fish weighing in between 60 lbs – 100 lbs and fish up to 120 lbs are not uncommon. The Great Sailfish Co are specialists in fly fishing for billfish and their experienced captains and crews excel in this area. Whilst the name suggests their focus is on fishing, they offer an excellent base for non-fishers and family trips with comfortable accommodation and numerous day trips available. Away from the fishing, highland lakes sit surrounded by perfect volcanic cones and jungles teem with wildlife and beautiful birds. Colonial architecture showing hints of a past highland influence contrast with brightly coloured markets and impressive Mayan ruins. Discover Guatemala from its historic capital of Antigua Guatemala to the heights of Lake Atitlan. Explore the ruins of Tikal and the mysterious pools at Semuc Champney.

A short flight away, Costa Rica awaits. Quite literally living up to its name – “Rich Coast”. It’s progressive environmental policies have allowed both land and sea to flourish making it one of the finest fishing and eco-tourism destinations in the world. The fishing is hugely varied with most inshore and offshore species being present year round and targeted on either fly or on conventional gear. Bordered by Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is a small jewel in this ancient isthmus with so much to offer from the most adventurous to the most laid back. it is a bird watchers paradise and any trip to Costa Rica will take you from remote, jungle-fringed coastlines up into the magical cloud forest. Moss covered trees are both photogenic and mysterious, listen for the call of the endangered green macaws, glimpse hummingbirds as they flit between sips of nectar and hope to see the elusive but  resplendent quetzal. A journey through Costa Rica will take you to waterfalls, hot springs and to wetlands; home to everything from minuscule poison dart frogs to caimans and manatees.

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