Heath House is located just outside the picturesque town of Stockbridge on the edge of Stockbridge Down, only 65 miles from South West London with easy transport links in the heart of Chalkstream country. The private estate is set amongst 1,400 acres of well-managed woodlands and rolling hills providing the perfect topography for a varied days shooting.

The shoot shows a great mix of partridge and pheasant with dedicated drives for each, as well as mixed drives with birds coming over beech trees and off tall banks. The main pheasant pens are located in the centre of the estate so the birds tend to go like bullets back home, especially when there is good wind. Hugo, the shoot owner, prides himself on managing the day and makes a point of all the guns having a fun day so there isn’t the worry of any overage. 

The day begins with guns meeting at the main house with tea and coffee during the morning brief, with pegs being drawn. Usually you wil shoot a couple of drives before having an infield 11’s and then weather and light depending, the choice is yours to stop for three course lunch or shoot through. Lunch usually happens at Turner and Thorn, which is a cafe located on the estate, for your private use on the day, wine is included in the meal. 

It is the perfect shoot for a team of eight guns in October and they can then accommodate a team of nine from November onwards. Please note 4×4’s are needed to move around the shoot, but we can of course help with this.

Current days available: Friday 11th or Saturday 12th October for a 200 Partridge day, Saturday 2nd November for a 250 mixed day, and Tuesday 5th November for a 200 bird day. The costs are £55 per bird with no VAT and the a booking fee of £750 + vat.

For further inquiries or to reserve your spot at Heath House or any of our other esteemed shooting locations please email Tom Ledger or call the office on 01980 847389.