We are just receiving the first availability and pricing from some of our Icelandic rivers as we begin the rebooking process for 2021 in earnest. Over the course of this week this list will expand and we will have a very good idea of what space there is for the 2021 season. Judging by the rebookings and those carried over from the 2020 season, Iceland fishing is going to be in high demand. We would urge anyone thinking of travelling there in 2021 to contact us and register their interest to avoid disappointment.

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It gives confidence to know that of all the countries we operate in Iceland has a proven track record. If we find ourselves faced with similar challenges next year we know that the Icelandic authorities will ensure that they find a way to allow tourism into the country as their economy is so dependent upon it.  We have it on good authority from many of operators that the processes are already being refined for next year.

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Fishing in Iceland is a very special experience and very different to salmon fishing in other parts of the world. Not only is it easily accessible with the ability to do three days rather than whole week, but the actual fishing itself is extremely visual. Being over to peer over the edge of a rocky bluff and see a large pod of salmon jogging in the current never looses its appeal. There is something reassuring about casting over fish that you can see and trying to tempt them into tacking your fly. It’s often possible to watch every little flick of a fin in reaction to your surface hitch and nothing prepares you for the excitement of a surface take.

We are pleased to offer a huge variety of salmon, sea trout and trout fishing options in Iceland and cover all the famous names along with some hidden gems. The flexibility of three day fishing slots allows pairing of two rivers to hedge your bets and give a real feel for the fishing opportunities the country has to offer. Alongside this it is one of the only countries that allows rod sharing which allows you to share the experience with a partner or friend as the fishing hours are so long. Coupled with short travel distances, first world facilities and excellent food Iceland really has it all.

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For more details on going to Iceland or to discuss the different operations please do not hesitate to contact Peter McLeod or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.