Is we hit the beginning of 2020 our thoughts begin to turn to the summer and the beginning of the season. It has been a hard winter in Iceland this year with huge snow fall which bodes well for water levels this coming season. It has been a busy autumn for Icelandic fishing with many rods returning so we now bring the remaining availability for those who have not organised their fishing yet

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First right of refusal has been taken up so we bring you our preferred rivers for the coming season and look forward to June when the first salmon begin the jounrney again through Iceland’s magical rivers.

Laxa I Kjos

26 – 29 June: ISK 798,000 per person (approx. £5,700) – 4 rods available

11 – 14 July: ISK 835,000 per person (approx. £5,970) – 2 rods available
26 – 29 July: ISK 822,000 per person (approx. £5,880) – Peter McLeod Hosted Group,SOLD
29 July – 1 August: ISK 798,000 per person (approx. £5,700) – 2 rods available
4 – 7 August: ISK 720,000 per person (approx. £5,150) – SOLD
7 – 10 August: ISK 582,000 per person (approx. £4,160) – 1 rod available
10 – 13 August: ISK 540,000 per person (approx. £3,860) – 3 rod available
17 – 20 August: ISK 475,000 per person (approx. £3,400) – 2 rod available

View a short video about the sea trout fishing from Laxa I Kjos HERE . The river has one of the prettiest and most comfortable lodges in Iceland and sits overlooking the lower section of the river. The river itself is intimate and the fishing is more akin to trout fishing for salmon, a true hitchers’ dream. Small rock pockets, canyons and open meadows are perfect for single handed fishing with tiny flies. The river also has some huge sea trout which run throughout August and add to the excitement, a small tributary called Bugda boasts good numbers of brown trout. Laxá I Kjos offers some very exciting sight fishing and hitch fishing opportunities for salmon.

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15 – 18 June: ISK 618,000 per person (approx. £4,120)
18 – 21 June: ISK 645,000 per person (approx. £4,610)
27 – 30 June: ISK 935,000 per person (approx. £6,680)
30 June – 3 July: ISK 971,000 per person (approx. £6,940)
3 – 6 July: ISK 1,043,000 per person (approx. £7,450)
9 – 12 July: ISK 1,043,000 per person (approx. £7,450)
12 – 15 July: ISK 1,061,000 per person (approx. £7,580)
15 – 18 July: ISK 1,061,000 per person (approx. £7,580)
27 – 30 July: ISK 708,000 per person (approx. £5,060)
2 – 5 August: ISK 535,000 per person (approx. £3,830)
14 – 18 August (4 days): ISK 593,000 per person (approx. £4,240)

The Nordurá offers 65 km of fishing to its rods with well over 100 pools and again takes 12 rods. This time frame it prime time and the river lands over 2500 in a season. It has a huge variety of fishing to offer and they recently renovated the lodge adding a whole new room section, so the lodge is really lovely. The Nordurá is the first main river to open in mid-June and is often used as a benchmark to see how the season in Iceland will progress over all.

2 – 5 August (possible hosted trip with Steffan Jones): ISK 660,000 per person (approx. £4,720)
20 – 23 August: ISK 540,000 per person (approx. £3,860)

Prices are per person based on 4 rods taking the lodge privately with shared guides. The river can be fished with up to 6 rods for intact parties. Situated in the northeast of Iceland, it is best suited to the fit and able because it has some stunning but deep canyons and can require strong wading. It presents a lot of water for the number of rods (4-6) with the lower reaches being more open pools and less severe canyons but as one reaches the middle so the canyons get deeper and tougher to access. It’s appeal is the number of rods on the river, its beauty and the size of fish with a high percentage in the teens and even over 20lbs. The upper reaches are almost entirely canyon and the salmon’s journey ends with the top waterfall or the waterfall on the stunning tributary, the Kverka. The lodge has six double rooms each with a bathroom. There is an open-plan sitting/dining area with views up the valley and a nice deck from which guests can look up and down river.

3 – 6 July: 11 rods – ISK 752.000 per rod (£5,190)
6 – 9 July: 7 rods – ISK 824.000 per rod (£5,690)
9 – 12 July: 12 rods – ISK 907.000 per rod (£6,260)
15 – 18 July: 5 rod – ISK 957.000 per rod (£6,600)
27 – 30 July: 12 rods – ISK 892.000 per rod (£6,160)
30 July – 2 August: 10 rods – ISK 788.000 per rod (£5,440)
13 – 17 August (4 days): 12 rods – ISK 822.000 per rod (£5,670)
11 – 15 September (4 days): 9 rods – ISK 655.000 per rod (£4,250)
Prices inclusive of transfers

Langa is a river that can be fished with relative ease with good access to the pools and is fished well with single handed rods, small double handed rods can also be used. It is much less susceptible to poor rainfall, unlike some of the other Icelandic salmon rivers, as it is lake fed. It has been extremely consistent even during very poor years and is the nearest you will get to a “Safe Bet”. The runs are predominantly grilse and larger fish are seen occasionally through the season. The lodge is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes from Reykjavik and caters for 12 anglers.

Svarlbardsa, Iceland, Aardvark McLeodSvalbarðsá – 3 rod river – single & double handed rods
23 – 26 August: ISK 710,000 per person (approx. £5,080)

A three rod river that can be taken privately for groups of 2 to 4. The river operates a strict catch and release policy which has seen the average catches increase, the current average is in the region of 400 fish per year. The river begins to fish well in late July with the first good runs of extremely aggressive fresh salmon averaging approximately 10 lbs. The river then fishes extremely well throughout August. The lodge on Svalbarðsá is a traditional but modern Icelandic lodge overlooking the river. It has four bedrooms each with its own ensuite bathroom and shower plus a spacious living and dining room.Salmon Fishing Grimsa River Iceland Grimsa
23 – 26 July: ISK 984,000 per person (approx. £7,030)

26 – 29 July: ISK 984,000 per person (approx. £7,030)
2 – 5 August: ISK 864,000 per person (approx. £6,180)

The Grímsá is one of Iceland’s most beautiful fly fishing rivers and is one of a few in Iceland that has tradition stamped all over it. It was frequented by British lords and generals as early as the late nineteenth century and whilst, as with most of Iceland’s rivers today, it is primarily a grilse river, during those early days the Grímsá was famous for its monsters. The medium sized river is easily fished with single handed rods, although given that Iceland is often windy, a small double handed rod should be available as well. The river is fly only water with a voluntary and widely practised catch and release system. The expected catch is between 1,100-1,500 salmon to just eight rods each season. Due to the cascading waterfalls and large pools the grilse tend to be slightly larger and more powerful than in neighbouring rivers. The Grímsá also has a substantial run of sea trout that can be caught both early and late in the season.

Katka Svagrova, Laxa I Kjos, Thingvallavatn, Iceland, Aardvark McLeodIcelandic Grand Slam – Thingvallavatn, Laxa I Kjos & Brynjudalsa Combination
22 – 27 August: £4,000 per person
27 August – 1 September: £4,000 per person

In 2020 we bring you a salmon, sea trout and brown trout combination unlike any other. Based from the comfortable Laxa I Kjos Lodge, anglers will explore both the Laxa I Kjos and Brynjudalsá in search of salmon and big sea trout. Over the course of five days anglers will also get two sessions on Thingvallavatn to target the lake’s famous monster brown trout. August has long been known to be a fantastic time to target the sea trout on Laxa I Kjos, and a good reputation has been quietly gaining momentum on the Brynjudalsá. Combined with late season exploratory trips on Thingvallavatn we are confident that this combination will not disappoint. The trip will be hosted by Katka Švagrová, a young female guide who has excelled over the last few years in Iceland. She has a huge amount of knowledge that will ensure all anglers have the best trip possible.

Myvatnssveit Brown Trout Fishing IcelandMyvatnssveit, Laxa I Adaldal
13 – 16 July: 328,680ISK per person (approx. £2,350)
20 – 25 August: 3 days within this time frame 328,680 ISK per person (approx. £2,350), 5 days availabel on request.

Myvatnssveit is the upper of the two sections on the upper valley of the Laxá Í Adaldal that flows directly out of Lake Myvatn. The section is 12 km and broken into beats that accommodate between two to three rods. These upper beats are wonderfully braided with fast runs, small pockets and crystal clear water. Pools for the most part are grass banked, wide, and with a relatively even bottom. The laval shelves create wonderful lies for large trout to ambush unsuspecting insects as they drift past. The varied water, from fast runs to glassy tail-outs offers anglers some very interesting fishing whether that is prospecting with nymphs or casting dries to confidently feeding fish. The wild brown trout average 2-3 lbs with fish of up to 10 lbs encountered every season. As these fish live in fast, powerful water they are extremely strong, and hooking one will test your tackle and skill.

Laxardal Iceland, Laxa I Adaldal Iceland, brown trout fishing Iceland, Aardvark McLeod Iceland, IcelandLaxardal, Laxa I Adaldal
7 – 12 June: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
12 – 16 June: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
11 – 14 August: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
14 – 17 August: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
17 – 20 August: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
20 – 23 August: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
23 – 25 August: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)
25 – 28 August: 290,080 ISK per person (approx. £2,080)

Laxárdal is the lower of the two sections on the upper valley of the Laxá Í Adaldal. Spanning 12 ½ km it represents perhaps some of the finest wild brown trout fishing in Europe. The river is wide and shallow, and not dissimilar to flats fishing as you wade out and cast at rises. Like the salmon beats below, the river bed is a contrast of black sand punctuated with laval rock creating superb lies for large brown trout. These Ice age fish have a large average size of 4 lbs, but unlike trout in other areas of the wold they remain insect feeders. Every year numerous 5-7 lbs trout are caught, with the occasional 8-9 lbs fish making an appearance. Some Icelanders fish with streamers, but upstream dry fly and nymph tactics are considerably more effective. Although there are none of our normal variety of biting mosquitoes in Iceland they do have a number of other chironomids that the trout feed on readily.

All of the prices include full board accommodation, fishing and guiding, and airport transfers (unless otherwise stated). The cost excludes international flights (internal flights in the case of Svalbarðsá & Hafralonsá), additional accommodation, drinks and gratuities.

For more details on fishing in Iceland please do not hesitate to contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.