The conditions in Iceland over the course of last week have continued to improve with a few patches of sunshine appearing across the country. The west coast still has high rivers, but many of them have dropped to more manageable levels. The grilse run is still not firing on all cylinders yet on some of the rivers, but is on others which is a little unusual. The north coast is still seeing some massive fish being caught and we are seeing some good fish coming off the east coast rivers now. We are just approaching the highest spring tide of the year which we hope will push more fish in.

The Laxá I Kjos had a slow start to last week with high water again, but still the larger fish have been heading up river. Some excellent specimens have been landed, and as of yesterday there are reports of a large run of fish moving into to the river off the high tides. One of the guides reported seeing over 100 fish in Laxfoss yesterday so numbers of fish caught will start to rise as they distribute up the river. What is interesting is there are good numbers of large sea trout already in the meadows which is a few weeks earlier than normal. We are hopeful that fishing will improve dramatically over the coming week.

The Grimsá has continued to improve with the arrival the grilse run and larger number of fish in the river. Fish can be seen hurling themselves at the falls as fishermen have breakfast. After more rain the river is still very large, but the continued catches of large multi sea winter fish has kept everyone in good spirits. What has been very noticeable is that fish are not being caught in usual lies as the high water is pushing them into strange new spots.

The Langá has continued to struggle over the last week with a cold high river slowing the run down. We are just approaching the highest spring tide of the year though, so hopes are the run will begin in earnest shortly.

The Midfjardará are still having a lot of water coming down the river course but the fishing has good, especially on the size of fish. 21 salmon landed yesterday and the 3rd 100 cm fish of the season was landed with a couple over 90 cm. The majority of the fish are now 80 – 90 cm.

The Laxá I Asum has continued to improve with more fish pushing into the river. They have landed 149 salmon to the two rods so far this summer. Last week alone produced 88 salmon landed so fishing is starting to increase significantly after the rather slow start. At the same time last year 187 salmon had been landed so Laxá I Asum looks on course to continue producing the consistent catch returns as last year. Dulsar, seen on the photo by Kristján Friðriksson, has been one of the best pools this week. The annual runs have nearly reached full speed and they are reporting salmon in every pool in the river now. The water is still high, but clear and approximately 9 – 10°C. The hitched micro Sunray Shadow has been top fly and most fish are still being hooked on the surface.

The Nes beats on the Laxá I Adaldal in the North has continued in the same vain with some really good sized fish being caught. It has warmed up significantly with air temperatures hovering at 16°C. Fishing on the Nes beat has been fantastic so far. Hermóður Hilmarsson has had some big ones, including this 101 cm salmon on a hitch in Holmavadsstifla pool. So far 131 fish have been landed on the Laxá I Adaldal and we are still seeing an average of 14 – 16 lbs in weight. Best flies have continued to be Sunray Shadows and traditional patterns for Ness such as the Night Hawk and the Randy Candy. If you are thinking of a last minute break and going to join in then some rods have opened up in 6 – 9 August this year at a reduced price of £1,870 per rod ex flights.

After a great opening Svalbardsá had over 37 fish in the last five days to two rods. All of these have been big bars of silver with only four grilse caught. There is still a huge amount of water coming down the river and with the colder conditions fishing has been quite tough, but this river is really showing its true colours and quality of fishing. The season is mirroring the 2010 season which was the best ever.

Alex is currently on the Laxardal beats and reports that they have had good weather for the past six days. Bibios can now be seen flying over the tall grasses. Most of the fish have been caught on dries, typically various sized hopper patterns. Fish are noticeably bigger with several 6 lbs plus landed. They are looking forward to a good finish to the week with rising fish being seen through many of the pools.