As we approach the last week in August the rains have still not arrived in Iceland and many of the rivers are now crying out for water and showing their bones. There have been moments of summer showers but then the tap has been turned off again. We are now in the tricky situation of having low rivers with lots of fish in the pools, but trying to persuade them to take a fly is becoming a challenge. Many have switched to trout fishing kit with very light presentation and micro flies, even smaller than usual. With low water conditions it is vital to think stealth and not go blundering up to pools or the fish will become alert. The heat of the last few weeks has put a march on the spawning cycle of these fish. Many of them are turning into the spawning regalia of reds and browns, much like the leaves on our trees at present.

The Grimsa still has good water flow and their fishing has turned on somewhat with the river currently at 860 and we are looking forward to see where the river finishes this year. It has had a solid season. They are eagerly awaiting some autumn rain to stir up the fish.

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Laxa I Kjos had a tricky week on the salmon but some excellent sea trout up to 8 lbs taken form the meadows. Anglers reported seeing excellent number of fish in the pools but not eager to take. We have finally seen the cold northerly winds replaced with a slow westerly over the last 24 hours which bodes well for next week.

 Laxa i Dolum last week produced a fish of 23 lbs hooked on a tour rod and a nymph that made the fisherman in question work very hard indeed. The fish was finally landed after 70 minutes, but the guide being concerned for the length of fight and the warm conditions ensure the fish was gently brought to hand in the current and not beached before being released carefully to fight another day.

The Midfjardara is still very low but it has been cloudy and overcast. The river landed 240 fish last week and for them the north wind worked to take the glass off the pools. Like other rivers on the west coast they have landed a significant number of fish in the 90 – 95 cm range including one of 103 cm. On another occasion a couple of days ago two anglers fishing on beat 1 landed 11 fish that were silver off the tide, so the run is still continuing. They are using very light tackle and tiny flies. As soon as a big tube is put through in these conditions the pool is ruined for the rest of the day.

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