After the opening of Laxa I Kjos, Grimsá and Midfjardará over the weekend the runs have started slowly but surely. Although spring has sprung some three weeks early in Iceland rain moving in from the east has kept air temperatures relatively low at 13°C.

The opening of Midfjardará produced 12 fish to six rods with water levels nigh on perfect. A number of other fish were hooked but lost and action was fairly consistent. Conditions have been overcast and are ideal so we are looking forward to further results over the coming week.

The Laxá I Kjos opened last Friday and the first day produced 11 salmon (10 of them multi sea winter salmon) although the water is running high after heavy rain. The wind was from the west creating some tough conditions, but two of the fish caught were a good size, covered in long tail sea lice. The following day produced a further five salmon the largest being 96 cm. Our group of three fishermen on the river currently caught two yesterday and lost another cracker of approximately 12 lbs on a hitched Sunray Shadow. The rain coming from the east should improve conditions. The most productive pools so far have been unsurprisingly in the lower course such as Laxfoss, Fossbreida and as always Kvislarfoss although fish are beginning to push up the river system.

Grimsá kicked off over the weekend and again the river is high and a bit colder than we would prefer, although it bodes well for the season. The first fish of the day was caught below the falls and was an 81 cm bar of silver that was covered in long tailed sea lice and put up a real battle. It was caught on a cone head Sunray Shadow. The day finished on four fish between 73 – 83 cm. The largest fish was caught from Stórlaxaflöt and at this moment the river is clearing and dropping nicely. Four fish were caught yesterday including an 85 cm hen fish from Grafarhylur.

The Laxá I Asum has also started well with the first fish off the river caught yesterday morning on a hitched sunray shadow. The hen fish was approximately 12 lbs (84 cm) from Krókhyl pool below the lodge and we expect the runs to start building as the grilse appear over the next week. Fish have already been seen in Stekkjarstreng, Dulsurnar, Mánafoss and Krókhyl we expect the action to become fast and furious.

The trout and char fishing season in Iceland has had an excellent start. The summer was three weeks ahead of schedule and that helped the trout and char fishing. The reports from most rivers are positive especially the highlands and lakes they are having a brilliant season thus far.

The trout beats up in the north opened up about three weeks ago now and started off with a bang. As usual for the opening days you can expect everything, the opening in 2013 offered snow and freezing temperatures. Some beats were closed due to snow conditions and the water level was very high. This season, however, offered something completely different, 12-14°C, light winds, great water conditions and no snow.

The big surprise on the opening days is that there were at least 5 decent size char caught, which is unusual for the river, since there have not many char caught in recent years.

The main action was on nymphs in various sizes and shapes, a few rising fish to dries, but that will increase once the hatches start, usually in July. There were altogether about 350 trout caught in the first three days in Laxárdalur and Mývatnssveit, a great start to the season and hopefully it’s a sign of a great season to come.

The season in Fremri Asum has been exceptional; the first few groups this season have caught up to 280 trout in two days and with fish landed throughout the system.

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