At last, the salmon season has properly kicked off in Iceland, and the migration of fish and fishermen has begun. June always marks the early part of the season, as many rivers only open towards the end of the month. As usual, all eyes were on Nordurá for an indication of what the season might bring. I am pleased to report that we were not disappointed; the runs have been strong.

Iceland is experiencing a late spring this year, with temperatures still below 10°C in most parts and a significant amount of rain. Rivers are reporting high water levels, particularly in the north and north-east regions.

There have been inquiries about the volcanic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula and its impact on travel. A new fissure opened on 24 May this year, northeast of Sýlingarfell. All Icelandic airports remain open, and flights to and from Iceland are operating on schedule. The impact of these types of fissure eruptions is limited to specific, localised areas near the eruption site. Notably, previous eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula have not disrupted air travel to and from the country in any way.


Laxa I kjos, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

Laxa I Kjos opened on the 15 June and so far have landed 33 salmon and one big sea trout. Currently the river is running high and clear, but the water temps are still pretty low and air temperatures have had highs of 9°C. There are good numbers of fish coming in on the tide, but they are not running Laxafoss in numbers yet which is to be expected. The bigger fish have been arriving and the largest so far was an 80cm fish from Kvíslafoss taken on a size 14 Black and Blue. The grilse have just showed up, which is quite early, so we are expecting to see the catch records go up. Top flies have been Collie dog, Black Frances, Svarti Petur hitch, Red Frances and the Haugur.

Nordura, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

As I said before the Nordurá is always a benchmark for the season to come as it is one of the first to open. The river opened on the 4 June and they had 19 fish on the first day, the best opening for some years. The river currently stands at 240 and they are currently catching 18 – 20 fish per day. Like else where water levels are high and temperatures are low, but if they hit 300 fish before the end of the month then it is likely they will have an excellent season. Largest fish so far was an 88cm fish weighing 16lb from Hornbreida on a sunray shadow, and best patterns have been Sunray shadow, Collie Dog, Red Frances and the silver sheep.   

Midfjardara, Iceland, aardvark McLeod

On Midfjardara the season started on the 15 June, but it they have been a little hampered with some very cold conditions and very high water. Currently the river has landed 45 fish, 17 of which have been landed in the last two days as conditions improve. What is key is the average weight of fish so far has been 10lb with the largest being 16lb from Myrkhylur on a sunray shadow. Best flies so far have been Sunray Shadow, Hitch tubes, and collie dogs as one would expect with these water conditions.

Stora Laxa, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

The Stora Laxa has had a fantastic start to the season. The river opened last weekend on the 21 June and had 9 fish on the first day. The high water suits the river well and so far the river has landed 43 fish with an average weight of 12lb. So far there has only been one grilse caught and the rest have all been multi sea wintered fish. Largest fish so far has been a 93cm fish weighing 18lb from Klauf on a Valbeinn. Top flies so far have been Valbeinn, Sunray Shadow, Collie Dog and Klaki. There have been some tales of hour long battles, broken rods and big fish that got away. What is also worth mentioning is that the fish have been equally distributed amongst all the beats. (We still have some excellent space and discounts on Stora Laxa, click HERE)

The Hitara opened on 17 June and has had a bit of a slow start due to conditions. the river so far has landed 15 salmon with an average weight of 8 ½ lb to the six rods. Largest fish was an 88cm fish weighing 16 ½ lbs from Kverk on a Pheasant Sunray. Top flies so far have been Red Frances, Orange Frances, Skuggi and the Sunray Shadow.

The Langa opened on the 19 June and so far has landed 30 salmon averaging 6 ½lb. Largest fish so far was an 82cm fish weighing 13lb caught Efri Langisjor on a cone head Red Frances. Top flies have been Sunray Shadow, Red Frances, Micro hitch, Red Frances and Metalica.

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