Iceland 2024 Availability

With Easter now behind us the Iceland salmon season is only a couple of months away. Over the last month we have seen a few rods become available on various rivers in early July, released by some that can no longer make it. Below you will find a full rundown of all the current availability we have collated at this point in time. Please study it carefully and we would draw particular attention to Laxa I Kjos, Midfjardara, Stora Laxa and Nordurá that still has some prime slots left. For those looking for some an Icelandic adventure that wont break the bank please have a look at Myrarkvisl and Reykjadalsá on the north coast. We have recently learnt about the incredible habitat work being done on these rivers that is paying dividends in salmon returns. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to seize recently opened prime fishing spots and make the most of the upcoming season.

Laxa I Kjos, West Coast

The river has one of the prettiest and most comfortable lodges in Iceland and sits overlooking the lower section of the river. The river itself is intimate and the fishing is more akin to trout fishing for salmon, a true hitchers’ dream. Small rock pockets, canyons and open meadows are perfect for single handed fishing with tiny flies. The river also has some huge sea trout which run throughout August and add to the excitement, a small tributary called Bugda boasts good numbers of brown trout. Laxá I Kjos offers some very exciting sight fishing and hitch fishing opportunities for salmon.

24 – 27 June: SOLD – £5,070 per rod
27 – 30 June: SOLD – £5,070 per rod
30 June – 3 July: SOLD – £5,320 per rod
3 – 5 July: SOLD – £6,710
5 – 8 July: SOLD – £6,710
8 – 11 July: SOLD – £7,410
11 – 14 July: SOLD – £7,410
14 – 17 July: SOLD – £7,410
17 – 20 July: SOLD £7,410 per rod
21 – 24 July: SOLD – £7,410 per rod
26 – 29 Jul: 1 rod, £7,410 (Hosted by Aardvark McLeod)
29 Jul – 1 August: SOLD, £7,410 (Hosted by Aardvark McLeod)
2 – 5 August: SOLD, £6,240
5 – 8 August: SOLD, £5,540
8 – 11 August: 4 rods, £5,070
11 – 14 August: SOLD, £4,620
14 – 17 August: SOLD, £4,370
17 – 20 August: SOLD, £4,130
20 – 23 August: SOLD, £4,130
23 – 27 August: SOLD, £4,130
27 – 30 August: 1 rod, £4,330
30 August – 2 September: 1 rod, £4,130

Stora Laxa, South Coast

The Stóra Laxá had a fabulous season in 2022 and landed 934 fish, 261 of which were over 80 cms in length. The river has long had a reputation for its run of large multi sea winter salmon amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in Iceland. The salmon that run the Stóra Laxá are not only big, they are exceptionally hard fighters as they have to ascend steep gradients to their spawning grounds. The season for Stóra Laxá is 30th June to the 30th September with prime time considered the beginning of July when the big fish start running through until mid-August. For the 2023 season we can offer two areas to fish on this river system, six rods on the main beats based from the lower lodge, or for the firm of foot and adventurous, four rods in a new private lodge on the upper part, fishing the canyons.

Lower Lodge
6 – 9 July: 6 rods – £6,360
9 – 12 July: 6 rods – £6,360
12 – 15 July: 5 rods – £6,360
15 – 18 July: SOLD – £6,360
18 – 21 July: SOLD – £6,360
21 – 24 July: SOLD – £6,360
24 – 27 July: 4 rods – £6,360
27 – 30 July: 6 rods – £6,360
30 July – 2 August: SOLD – £5,800
2 – 5 August: SOLD – £4,700
5 – 8 August: SOLD – £4,700
8 – 11 August: SOLD – £4,700
20 – 23 August: 6 rods – £5,550
23 – 26 August: 6 rods – £5,550

Transfers not included. Click HERE for a focus on Stora Laxa.

Midfjardará, West Coast

The Miðfjarðará is a medium sized gin clear river, offering world class and classic Icelandic salmon fishing. It is a true Icelandic gem that keeps producing the goods even in low water years. It is perfect for those who like to use single or small double-handed rods with floating line and small flies or hitch tubes. The river has over 200 named pools and with only six to ten rods that rotate over five beats it is hard not to feel that you have this cracking river to yourself. The lodge offers single, en-suite rooms as standard for full rods, shared if taking the fishing on a rod-share basis. There is a large dining room adjoining a comfortable lounge area, bar, wader room and outside Jacuzzi for those wanting to relax after a day on the river. It plays host to some of the best chefs in  Iceland, ensuring that the food compliments the fantastic fishing. RODS VERY RARELY BECOME AVAILABLE.

6 – 9 July: SOLD – £6,340
12 – 15 July: SOLD – £7,840
2 – 5 August: 2 rods – £8,280
5 – 8 August: 2 rods – £8,280
20 – 23 August: 2 rods – £5,850
23 – 26 August: 2 rods – £5,650
29 August – 1 September: SOLD – £5,590
10 – 13 September: 2 rods – £3,780

Hitara, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Hitará, West Coast

The Hítará, an iconic Icelandic river spanning 29 kilometers, embodies classic features: intricate currents, clear pools, and the finesse of technical fishing. Hosting six rods, it’s perfect for cohesive groups, rewarding anglers with sizable catches using single-handed or light two-handed rods. Below the lodge, rugged landscapes give way to rocky formations, while the upper stretches offer expansive terrain and an abundance of salmon from late July. This region also boasts impressive Arctic char and trout, adding diversity during slower salmon periods. Notable spots like Langidráttur, Grettisstillur, and Breidin offer distinct fishing experiences. Crafted by renowned artisan Jóhannes of Hótel Borg fame, the lodge stands elegantly against rocky banks, overlooking Brúarfoss Falls. Its inviting interior, adorned with tasteful Icelandic decor, offers a cozy retreat after a day’s adventure. Positioned strategically, the lodge provides easy access to prime fishing pools, enhancing the unforgettable Hítará experience.

8 – 12 July: 6 rods, 4 days fishing – SOLD £9,570 per rod

Nordurá, West Coast

As Iceland’s top producing natural river, Nordurá averages 2,500 salmon a season to its 12 rods and has over 100 named fishing pools on its 65 km length. The river offers an incredibly diverse fishing experience amid some dramatic scenery. The lower river offers a steep canyon with wonderful fly water and salmon lies, the middle section features wide Rio Grande-like bends with twisting gravel pools. The Rjúpnahaed Lodge on Nordurá accommodates 12 fishermen in twin-bedded rooms with private shower and toilet facilities. The service and food at the lodge are of top quality.

15 – 18 June: 6 rods – £5,120 per rod
18 – 21 June: SOLD – £5,970 per rod
21 – 24 June: SOLD – £6,440 per rod
24 – 27 June: 2 rods – £6,680 per rod
27 – 30 June: 1 rod – £7,490 per rod
30 June – 3 July: SOLD
12 – 15 July: 1 rod – £8,160 per rod
15 – 18 July: 2 rods – £8,160 per rod
18 – 21 July: 4 rods – £7,600 per rod
21 – 24 July: 3 rods – £7,550 per rod
24 – 27 July: 8 rods – £7,550 per rod
27 – 30 July: 9 rods – £6,850 per rod
30 July – 2 August:12 rods – £5,600 per rod (Special Offer)
4 – 7 August: 6 rods – £5,020 per rod (this is excluding transfers for these dates)

Transfers included from Reykjavik.

Hafralonsa , Iceland, Aardvark Mcleod

Hafralonsa, East Coast

Hafralonsa is located in the northeast corner of Iceland and is one of the rugged and remote rivers of Thistilfjordur. The Hafralonsa offers 55 named pools over its 28km length. Below the canyon the valley opens up with tundra like vegetation circled by looming brooding mountains. The river rises at its source in the hills and runs through several kilometres of trout and char fishing before cascading over the stunning upper waterfall. Hafralonsa is fished with two to six rods and is best suited to those who are fit and adventurous, as it has some stunning but deep canyons – which require some strong wading. Its appeal is the number of rods on the river, its beauty, and the size of the fish, some weighing in the late teens.

15 – 18 July: 4 rods – £4,100 per rod
24 – 27 July: 4 rods – £4,990 per rod
30 July – 2 August: 4 rods – £5,350 per rod
8 – 11 August: 4 rods – £3,860 per rod
20 – 23 August: 4 rods – £2,800 per rod
26 – 29 August: 4 rods – £2,450 per rod
1 – 4 September: 4 rods – £2,100 per rod

These prices are based on intact parties of four or more, self catering and unguided. Transfers not included. Cleaning Fee £500.

Langa, West Coast

Langa is a river that can be fished with relative ease with good access to the pools and is fished well with single handed rods, small double handed rods can also be used. It is much less susceptible to poor rainfall, unlike some of the other Icelandic salmon rivers, as it is lake fed. It has been extremely consistent even during very poor years and is the nearest you will get to a “Safe Bet”. The runs are predominantly grilse and larger fish are seen occasionally through the season. The lodge is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes from Reykjavik and caters for 12 anglers.

15 – 18 July: 3 rods – £7,860 per rod
18 – 21 July: 2 rods – £7,860 per rod
24 – 27 July: 6 rods – £7,460 per rod

Transfers not included.

Hrutafjardara, Iceland, salmon fly fishing, Aardvark Mcleod

Hrutafjardara, North West Coast

Hrútafjarðará is an excellent three rod river in northern Iceland, approximately 180km from Reykjavik. This extremely attractive river runs from Holtavorduheidi down towards Hrutafjordur and is full of stunning looking pools. The average catch ranges between 400 and 600 depending on water height during the summer. The 9km of fishable water offer 42 marked pools. The river is relatively small, making it the perfect for some fantastic sight fishing for salmon with single handed rods and small flies. The lower river produces some excellent sea run char, many of them three to seven pounds.

Availability on request.

Haukadalsa, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Haukadalsá, North West Coast

Haukadalsá is an exclusive five rod salmon river located approximately 150km north west of Reykjavík and less than a two hour drive from the captial. The river is famous for its easy accessibility and high average catch statistics. It is also one of Iceland´s most attractive salmon rivers. Haukadalsá flows into Breidafjord and is surrounded by a number of other famous salmon rivers. The river is medium sized and with only five rods fishing over eight kilometres there are over 40 marked pools in which salmon are plentiful. The pools are unusually long with many riffles which encourage salmon to hold on their journey to the top. The lodge is a one storey building set on the riverbank directly overlooking beat 5 with breathtaking views over the hills on one side and over the sea on the other. Each rod has a private double room with en-suite facilities with linen changed daily.

30 July – 2 August: 5 rods – £7,250
2 – 5 August: 5 rods – £7,040 per rod
5 – 8 August: 5 rods – £6,760 per rod
8 – 11 August: 5 rods – £6,250 per rod

Blandá, North Coast

The Blandá is a glacial river in northwest Iceland rising in the foothills of the mighty Hofsjökull glacier. The river flows 125km through the vast highlands into the stunning valleys of Blöndudalur and Langidalur before reaching the sea next to the town of Blönduós.  With a high ratio of multi-winter salmon, the Blandá has a reputation for holding some of the most powerful fish in the country. The opens to anglers in early June after the first spring runs arrive at the end of May, fishing with only four rods. Later in the season as the salmon runs increase, reaching their peak in July and early August, the whole river becomes an eight-rod operation. The spacious lodge offers 12 rooms, all twin-bedded with a private bathroom and shower. 

Available on request.

Transfers included from Reykjavik.

Thvera, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Thverá, West Coast

Thverá is one of the most prestigious salmon rivers in Iceland and has been frequented by British salmon anglers since the late 19th century. It is the lower part of the legendary Thverá-Kjarrá River and offers 107 diverse salmon pools over its 26km length. The consistent salmon fishing makes the Thverá one of the most sought-after rivers in Iceland. The historic lodge has eight twin bedded ensuite rooms for its anglers, and some the top gourmet food at any lodge in Iceland. This cost is based on seven rods and five guides excluding transfers from Reykjavik. NOW BOOKING SINGLE RODS.

Available on request.

Transfers included from Reykjavik.

Kjarra, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

Kjarrá, West Coast

Kjarrá is the upper section of the Thverá/Kjarrá river system that drains into the Hvítá River. The 45km section of river is limited to just seven rods rotating between seven private beats with 91 named pools. The Kjarrá is every serious salmon angler’s dream, providing plenty of space when fishing. It is perfectly suited to fishing with hitch tubes and small flies with a floating line and fast runs give way to wide pools offering the perfect swing for fly anglers. The lodging is comfortable and the service is first-class providing a great atmosphere after a session out on the water.The lodge features an attractive lounge and dining room; eight twin-bedded rooms, all with private bathrooms and shower. 

Available on request.

Vididalsa, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Vididalsá, North West Coast

Vididalsá is located in the northwest of Iceland not far from the town of Blonduos and is approximately 2 ½ hours drive from Reykjavik. The river is 25 km of fishing from the mouth to the Kolufoss waterfall and offers over 100 named pools and a huge variety of fishing. Being on the north coast the river has a good percentage of multi sea wintered fish and can be fished with a small double hander or a single hander. The comfortable lodge has 14 ensuite rooms for its eight rods and private rooms can easily be organised for rod sharers.  This cost is based on single rod, single room and shared guide excluding transfers from Reykjavik.

Available on request.

Straumfjardara, North Coast

This unique river located up on Snaefells peninsular on the west coast of Iceland is one of the very few that offers a full service lodge to just four rods. The river itself has approximately 27 named pools divided into four beats over 12 km of fishing up to the Rjúkundi waterfall.  Straumfjardara exhibits all the classic features of a great Icelandic river from the canyon section at the top to the fascinating rocky pools and holes to more open sections below.

22 – 25 July: 3 days fishing, 4 rods, 2 guides, up to 8 people – £33,000 SOLD
28 – 31 July: 3 days fishing, 4 rods, 2 guides, up to 8 people – £33,450
5 – 7 August: 2 days fishing, 4 rods, 2 guides, up to 8 people – £21,150

Costs are based on three & four days fishing with the lodge being taken by four rods and four rod shares with two guides with full board and lodging. The lodge has a maximum capacity of 8. Ideal for an intact party.

Hofsa, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Hofsá, Northeast Coast

Hofsá is one of the “big” northeast rivers and one of the two major Vopnafjordur rivers and it is situated about 600 kilometres from Reykjavik. Hofsá has a long canyon on the top beats, a dramatic impassable falls and a string of challenging pools as the river thunders down the canyon. But once the canyon ends, the river turns into an almost endless string of long slow flowing pools, each one seeming more enticing and inviting than the last one. The lodge is on the banks of the river and is built in a classic Icelandic fishing lodge style. The architecture appears functional, but inside you will discover comfortable lounges, a dining room with a spectacular panoramic view of the valley, en-suite rooms and a heated wader room.

Availability on request.

West Ranga, Southwest Coast

Located in the south of Iceland, West Rangá is one of the country’s most famous salmon rivers along with its neighbour the East Rangá. Both rivers often feature near the top of the most prolific salmon rivers in Iceland each season, as well as numbers the river also boasts a higher average size of fish than the rivers on the west coast. The river has an average width of 50 metres, featuring wide long pools and smooth glides. The bottom is mainly made up of black volcanic sand making wading relatively safe and easy. The river is best fished with double handed rods and larger flies than other rivers in Iceland, it is often useful to carry some sinking line options as well. The West Rangá is an unusual salmon river in as much as there is very little in the way of natural spawning habitat and it therefore relies on a very successful smolt-releasing programme that began in 1989. The river sees consistent salmon runs throughout the season and fishes until the 20th October with good statistics right the way to the closing day.

Next season the fishing will be sold in 2,4,6 or 8 days slots:

22 – 26 June: SOLD – €6,360 per person
26 – 30 June: SOLD – €6,360 per person
30 June – 4 July: 4 rods – €6,760 per person
16 – 19 July: 10 rods – €7,170 per person
17 – 21 August: 4 rods – €10,360 per person
21 – 25 August: 4 rods – €9,560 per person
31 August – 4 September: 4 rods – €7,960 per person
4 – 10 September: 6 rods – €7,160 per person

Prices based on single room, shared guide ful board, lodging and transfers.

Deildara, Iceland, Aardvark MCLeod

Deildara, North Coast

Deildara is a delightful three rod river situated in the north eastern part of Iceland. Although it is just 7 km long, the 19 named pools offer the chance to catch large multi-sea wintered salmon, brown trout and Arctic char. It is a perfect lodge and river for a small group of friends or family who are looking for a self-service lodge. Deildará offers great fishing from a comfortable lodge and is also in a great location to explore northern or eastern Iceland as part of a combination itinerary. The salmon fly fishing prime time on the river runs from late July through August. There is every chance of finding a salmon in excess of 15 lbs on light tackle and surface flies.

20 – 26 June: 3 rods, £2,500 per rod
2 – 8 Jul: 3 rods, £3,000 per rod
11 – 17 Jul: SOLD, £5,480 per rod
25 – 31 Aug: 3 rods, £3,050 per rod
7 – 13 Sept: SOLD, £2,580 per rod
Prices based on self catering accommodation and six days fishing only. Guiding, catering and transfers not included.

Laxa I Adaldal, Northeast Coast

The river is large and wide as the name dictates. Pools for the most part are grass banked, wide, and with a relatively even bottom. There are the intermittent lava shelves that drop away, hidden from someone reading the surface in turn creating some excellent lies. The river is deceptively clear as the bottom in most areas is black lava sand giving the impression of depth and murkiness which is extremely misleading.

Therefore small flies are often extremely effective, and caution should be employed when approaching pools. There are some extremely dramatic beats such as the falls pool that features fishing from a cliff face on one side, allowing the angler to see the salmon moving to the fly before it goes over the lip. To fight a fish here requires steely nerves and determination either ending in elation of a fish successfully manoeuvred up the pool, or tears as it disappears over the waterfall along with your line and backing.

20 – 23 July: 2 rods, £5,450 per rod

Vatnsdalsa, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Vatnsdalsa, North Coast

The Vatnsdalsá River in Iceland’s North West is a renowned haven for salmon fishing. Flowing through the picturesque Vatnsdalur valley, it boasts pristine waters sourced from the unpolluted heaths of Audkúla and Grímstunga. Spanning over forty kilometers, the river sees a remarkable abundance of salmon, with nearly half weighing over 10lb after spending years at sea. The strict catch and release policy, along with exclusive fly fishing, implemented in 1997, has contributed to the capture of impressive specimens, with fish weighing over 20lb and even 25lb landed each season. With its scenic beauty and prolific fishing, Vatnsdalsá attracts anglers from across the globe, offering an unparalleled experience in freshwater fly fishing.

31 July – 4 August: 2 rods, 3 days fishing, £8,180 per rod
9 – 12 August: 4 rods, 3 days fishing, £8,180 per rod
12 – 14 August: 4 rods, 3 days fishing, £8,180 per rod

Myrarkvisl, Iceland trout fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Myrarkvisl, North Coast

The Myrarkvisl is a very interesting river offering traditional pool and riffle water in the upper section, a canyon through the middle and meandering slow flows at the bottom. You can target good numbers of trout averaging 2 lbs with a few between 4-6 lbs. Dry flies and traditional nymphs work well and as the season progresses the chances of encountering salmon increase. Along with the river you also have access to a lake that has a good head of Arctic char (delicious eating if you want to take one or two for dinner). The river is limited to just four anglers.

20 – 23 July: SOLD – £3,465 per rod (3 days fishing)
31 July – 4 August: SOLD – £5,800 per rod (4 days fishing)
15 – 19 August: SOLD – £4,700 per rod (4 days fishing)
27 – 30 August: 2 rods – £3,470 per rod (3 days fishing)
9 – 12 September: SOLD – £3,885 per rod (3 days fishing)

Trout Fishing
5 – 11 May: 4 rods – £2,690 (3 days fishing)
23 – 28 May: 4 rods – £2,690 (3 days fishing)
1 – 4 June: SOLD – £2,690 (3 days fishing)
8 – 10 June: 4 rods – £1,850 (3 days fishing)
16 – 18 June: 4 rods – £1,850 (3 days fishing)
26 – 29 June: SOLD – £1,850 (3 days fishing)
1 – 4 June: 4 rods – £2,690 (3 days fishing)

Reykjadalsa, Iceland trout fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Reykjadalsa, North Coast

Reykjadalsa is a modestly sized river teeming with a substantial population of brown trout, and it also experiences robust salmon runs during the summer season. The river initially meanders through open plains for a distance of 15 kilometers, providing an ideal setting for dry fly fishing. Beyond this point, the river gradually gains speed as it flows upstream, eventually culminating in a dramatic canyon at its uppermost reaches. Reykjadalsa is one of the tributaries of the Laxa in Adaldal, traversing the expanse of Lake Vestmannsvatn. As it journeys from the lake towards the Laxá, the river undergoes a name change, becoming known as Eyvindalækur.

Salmon Fishing
2 – 6 June: 4 rods – £3,590 per rod (4 days fishing)
8 – 12 June: 4 rods – £3,590 per rod (4 days fishing)
14 – 17 July: 4 rods – £2,690 per rod (3 days fishing)
30 July – 3 August: 4 rods – £2,210 per rod (3 days fishing)
18 – 24 August: 4 rods – £5,380 per rod (6 days fishing)
27 August – 2 September: 4 rods – £5,380 per rod (6 days fishing)

Trout Fishing
2 – 6 June: 4 rods – £3,590 (4 days fishing)
8 – 11 June: 4 rods – £3,590 (4 days fishing)
14 – 17 July: 4 rods – £2,690 (3 days fishing)
30 July – 3 August: 4 rods – £3,590 (4 days fishing)
18 – 24 August: 4 rods – £5,380 (6 days fishing)
24 – 27 August: 4 rods – £2,690 (3 days fishing)
18 – 24 September: 4 rods – £5,380 (6 days fishing)

Jokla, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

Jokla, North Coast

The Jökla system lies just to the north of Egilsstaðir town and runs 100 km from the eastern slopes of the Vatnajokull glacier to the sea. The Jökla river system comprises three main rivers; the Fossa, Laxa and Kalda, and the lower reaches run parallel to the Fögruhlíðará. With over 50 km of water for six to eight rods the fishing on the tributaries is varied and gives a pleasant contrast to the daily rotation of beats.

Jökla is a river with a growing reputation amongst salmon anglers since being made fishable thanks to a hydro-electric dam higher up in the system. The river benefits from boosting its natural stocks with a smolt release programme, many of which, return to the river after two winters at sea offer big and strong salmon. Fish bred from Jökla natives are released into all the major tributaries throughout the system, but most of the effort is concentrated on the lower river. Guests fishing the lower Jökla, and its tributaries stay at a comfortable full service lodge.

Available on request.

Laxa I Dolum, North West Coast

Laxá í Dolum, a stunning medium-sized Atlantic Salmon river in Iceland’s northwest, spans 25 kilometers with 4-6 rods available for fishing. Recently revamped, its comfortable lodge and superb cuisine make it ideal for exclusive groups. Across its 80-day season, approximately 1,000 salmon are caught among the 6 rods, offering an exceptional angling experience. Divided into 3 beats, each with a pair of anglers and a guide, the classic Icelandic style of fishing involves hitched flies, long leaders, and rocky pools set amidst breathtaking landscapes. Patience is key as anglers work meticulously to entice and hook salmon, finding immense satisfaction in the challenge. Single-handed rods cover most pools, while a light switch rod proves advantageous in windy conditions or tight spaces. The river promotes catch and release, with accessible pools and straightforward wading, ensuring a rewarding and conservation-minded angling adventure.

30 July – 4 August: 6 rods, 5 days fishing, £11,225 per rod
17 – 20 August: 6 rods, 3 days fishing, £6,810 per rod

Grimsa, Iceland salmon fishing, Aardvark McLeod

Grimsa, North West Coast

Grímsá is a medium-sized river along Iceland’s West coast and has a 30-kilometer stretch with 60 named pools, easily accessible for anglers. Hosting eight rods in June, expanding to ten in July, this river enjoys early salmon runs, reaching prime conditions by mid-summer. Annual catches range from 1,200 to 1,800 salmon, nourished by a headwater lake, ensuring a consistent water flow. The lower beats near the lodge present rugged, scenic landscapes with rocky gorges and waterfalls, yet all pools are easily reachable. While switch rods help in wind, single-handed rods suffice in most spots. The upper beats wind through farmland, leading to substantial holding pools before a final impassable waterfall. A rotation system allows pairs to fish morning and afternoon sessions across beats, tailored based on river conditions for balanced access to productive pools, determined by anglers’ draw on arrival.

11- 14 July: 2 rods, 3 days fishing, £8,480 per rod

Battle Hill Lodge, South Coast

Iceland’s incredible sea trout fishing has long been overlooked by those in favour of salmon. Battle Hill Lodge is the country’s first specific sea trout operation and concentrates on the Vatnamót, Fossálar/Þverárvatn and Geirlandsá. The River Geirlandsá has been run by a private angling club for a long time and is finally available on the market. The operation is also moving to a six day programme to ensure that over the course of the six days, anglers will get the chance to fish each river for 2 days. It must be noted that during the fall season, Vatnamót and Geirlandsá will drop out of the rotation for a very short period of time. This is because of contractual obligations to the land owners. During that period, 2 days at each river respectively, River Tungufljót will be included in the rotation.

These rivers offer a hugely diverse fishing environment for sea trout weighing up to and over 20lb.

15 – 21 August: SOLD – US$8,000 per rod
21 – 27 August: SOLD – US$8,000 per rod
27 August – 2 Sept: 8 rods – US$8,000 per rod
2 – 8 Sept: SOLD – US$9,500 per rod
8 – 14 Sept: SOLD – US$9,500 per rod
14 – 20 Sept: SOLD – US$9,500 per rod
20 – 26 Sept: 4 rods – US$9,500 per rod
26 Sept – 2 Oct: 4 rods – US$8,300 per rod
2 – 8 Oct: 3 rods – US$8,300 per rod
8 – 14 Oct: 3 rods – US$8,300 per rod
14 – 21 Oct: 4 rods – US$8,300 per rod

For more details on fishing in Iceland please do not hesitate to contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.