Although there has been little rain in Iceland over the last couple of weeks the excellent snow pack and warmer conditions have kept water levels high. Temperatures have remained consistent bouncing between 8 – 12 degrees although it looks like there will be a colder snap arriving over the next few days. Many of the rivers have had excellent openings and we have already seen some grilse turning up here and there. The grilse that have been caught have been very fat and of high average weight, so indications of our theory that they went further to feed last season is looking to be true. The proof will come when we see larger numbers returning as the runs build to their peaks in mid July.

The Midfjardara has continued in its consistent vain and they have landed 80 salmon in the last two days with some fantastic fish caught. Water levels are still be maintained but the west river could perhaps use a little rain in the next few days. The numbers of fish running the river have continued to build with good runs of fish coming in on every tide.

The Laxa I Kjos has now had 23 days without decent rain but the river is still at a perfect height due to the snow. The last few days have produced approximately 10 salmon per day and they are still seeing 10 – 12 lbs fresh salmon amongst the grilse. The sea trout have not arrived yet but hopefully the first ones will arrive with the group just arriving now.

The Nes beats of Laxa I Adaldal have had one of the best openings in years with four fish landed and a few lost. There was plenty of action with fish rising to the fly and mostly on the home beats and above. This has been quite surprising since the lower beats were on fire last season. Green Collie Bitch and Night Hawk was once again the most successful patterns and the size of fish has all been between 82 – 90 cm. We are looking forward to another excellent season.

The Laxa i Dolum opened well with five salmon landed and the river in good shape. A sea liced grilse was landed from Solheimafoss pool yesterday morning. This is the first grilse landed on the Laxa I Dolum this summer and hopefully there will be many more.

After Alex’s departure last week from Laxa I Asum the group following landed 27 salmon in 4 days bringing the total up to 50 since 21 June. The grilse runs are now escalating day by day so we are expecting to start seeing some serious numbers from Laxa I Asum.

The Svalbardsa in the north has already had 14 Salmon in five days of fishing to two rods and they have all been of large average size as we would expect.

The trout fishing on Laxardal is improving day by day with the fish still focused on feeding below the surface. Numerous fish have been landed between 55 and 65 cm. The fish are in excellent condition and with good amounts of food present in the river they are expected to grow quickly through the summer. It is possible that we may see fish close to the 10 lbs mark again this season. Alex Jardine and his group are about to head to the river and are excited to search for the northern monsters.

For more information on the latest availability in Iceland this season, including a handful of prime spaces contact Peter McLeod and Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.