As we move into 2016 rods are being dusted off, reels checked, and welcome Christmas presents added to our tackle arsenals. Iceland is currently covered in snow and reporting one of the heaviest snow falls since records began. This is very reassuring as we know for certain there will be plenty of water throughout the season. If you have not booked your salmon fishing for this season yet then now is the time to pick up the last remaining prime space that we have hand picked for you.

The Langá has bounced back with a vengeance and after the phenomenal season this year has been very popular. As one of the most consistent rivers on the west coast in years gone by it has performed in all conditions and all the pools are easily accessed by vehicle.

6 – 9 July 5 rods £3,970
14 – 17 July 1 rod £4,740
25 – 28 July 1 rod £4,810
31 July – 3 August 8 rods £4,285
8 – 11 August 8 rods £3,570
11 – 14 August 11 rods £2,995
14 – 16 August 12 rods £2,995

Laxa I Kjos
The river has one of the prettiest and most comfortable lodges in Iceland and sits overlooking the lower section of the river. The river itself is intimate and the fishing is more akin to trout fishing for salmon, a true hitchers’ dream. Small rock pockets, canyons and open meadows are perfect for single handed fishing with tiny flies. The river also has some huge sea trout which run throughout August and add to the excitement, a small tributary called Bugda boasts good numbers of brown trout. Laxá I Kjos offers some very exciting sight fishing and hitch fishing opportunities for salmon.

1 – 4 July 4 rods £3,170 per rod (before prime, a chance of a bigger fish, the 5 year average for the 6 day period is 47.2 fish)
17 – 20 August 4 rods £2,640 per rod (Hosted by Alex Jardine; a great week to target salmon and sea trout)
20 – 23 August 6 rods £2,640 per rod (an easy addition to make a full week)

The lodge at Grímsá is very comfortable, it overlooks one of the best pools on the river where you will often see fresh fish jumping. The fishing itself is limited to just eight. The fish here also tend to be slightly bigger and the river is certainly larger than the other rivers on the West Coast, although it is still best fished with a single handed rod it is certainly worth carrying a double hander for the larger pools. The Grímsá is definitely an option if you are looking for a more exclusive river with slightly larger fish.

20-23 July 1 rod £6,130 (Prime rod in one the best week of the season statistically)
27 – 30 June: 4 rods £3,370 per rod (before prime, a chance of a bigger fish, the 5 year average for the 6 day period is 30.4 fish)

Laxa I Kjos / Grímsá
This is a great combination of little and large, Laxa I Kjos offers some wonderful technical small river fishing for both salmon and sea trout, whilst Grímsá offers a bigger river and often bigger salmon and some sea trout. Both lodges are extremely comfortable and are suitable for rod sharing and non-fishers.

10 – 16 September – £4,490 per rod

Svalbardsá & Hofsá
a fantastic opportunity to combine these two famous rivers for some back end fishing for large salmon

29 August – 4 September 3 rods £6,770

A very interesting river offering traditional pool and riffle water in the upper section, a canyon through the middle and meandering slow flows at the bottom. You can target good numbers of trout averaging 2 lbs with a few between 4-6 lbs. Dry flies and traditional nymphs work well and as the season progresses the chances of encountering salmon increase. Along with the river you also have access to a lake that has a good head of Arctic char (delicious eating if you want to take one or two for dinner). The river is limited to just four anglers, the lodging is in a basic converted farm house and is taken on a self-catered basis.

26-29 June – £1,620 for 4 rods (prime trout fishing)
29 June – 2 July – £1,620 for 4 rods (prime trout fishing with a chance of a salmon)
8-11 July – £1,620 for 4 rods (prime trout fishing with a chance of a salmon)
11-14 July – £1,980 for 4 rods (prime trout fishing with a chance of a salmon)
8-12 September – £1,450 per rod (resident salmon and good trout fishing – full catering, 2 rods available)

For more details on fishing in Iceland please do not hesitate to contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.