There are a few remaining rods on Midfjardara available. The Midfjardara is a name known to every salmon fisherman who has spent time in Iceland. Not only is it one of the most stunning rivers on the west coast, with picture-perfect pools, riffles, and canyons, but it also boasts an ideal blend of fish numbers and size. It is held in high regard, and setting foot on its revered banks is a challenge, as so many of its fishermen return year after year. For many years, it has been the proverbial “dead man’s shoes,” and with good reason.

The Midfjardara is a medium-sized, gin-clear river, offering world-class and quintessential Icelandic salmon fishing. It is a true Icelandic gem, consistently delivering even in low-water years. It is ideal for those who prefer to use single or small double-handed rods with floating line and small flies or hitch tubes. The river system spans 115 km and includes four rivers: the Midfjardara, the Austurá, the Vesturá, and the small Núpsá. With over 200 named pools and only six to ten rods rotating over five beats, it is hard not to feel as though you have this splendid river all to yourself.

The season on the Midfjardara begins in mid-June and concludes in late September. Early in the season, there are small runs of multi-sea-wintered salmon, making the initial weeks particularly intriguing for anglers. From mid-July to late August, the river experiences its prime period, with the largest numbers of fish running. This peak season offers anglers the best opportunities to catch salmon, as the river teems with activity, providing an exceptional fishing experience. The combination of early runs and the bustling prime season makes the Midfjardara a highly sought-after destination for salmon fishing enthusiasts.

The lodge, situated on the lower reaches of the Midfjardara, has been recently refurbished to provide top-notch accommodation for anglers. It offers single, en-suite rooms as standard for full rods, with shared options available for those on a rod-share basis. The lodge features a large dining room adjoining a comfortable sitting area, a bar, a wader room, and an outdoor Jacuzzi, perfect for unwinding after a day on the river. In addition to these amenities, the lodge provides a range of other facilities designed to enhance the angler’s experience. There is a well-equipped gear room where you can store and maintain your fishing equipment. The spacious and inviting communal areas are perfect for sharing stories and tips with fellow fishermen.

The lodge is renowned for hosting some of the finest chefs in Iceland, ensuring that every meal is a culinary delight, perfectly complementing the superb fishing. Guests can enjoy gourmet dining that highlights local Icelandic ingredients, with menus that change daily to offer a variety of delicious options.

Overall, the Midfjardara lodge combines comfort, convenience, and luxury, making it an ideal base for an unforgettable salmon fishing adventure.

Midfjardara Lodge, Iceland, Aardvark Mcleod

Dates available are:

21 – 24 June: 1 rod
24 – 27 July: 1 rod
2 – 5 August: 2 rods
5 – 8 August: 2 rods
11 – 14 August: 4 rods
14 – 17 August: 2 rods
Prices from £6,340 – £8,280

This is your chance to hitch your fly on the Midfjardara’s fabled water and should not be missed. For more details on this rare opportunity please contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.