If you’re looking for a fly fishing adventure in an extraordinary destination then you should add Mongolia to the list. No crowds, great guides and a chance to unwind with some big fun and big fish.

The 2023 taimen season is just about to get underway. The spring runoff is more or less finished, boats are coming out of storage and the amazing remote ger camps are going up.

We’ve got a couple of rare, last minute slots in June and July, and limited availability August to October.

Mongolian Rivers Outfitters Adventure

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Mongolian River Outfitters have such a vast conservation area of prime taimen water that they have designed three float options that allow anglers to fish great water while resting large areas to avoid over fishing. The newest programme is the Buryat Headwaters, a chance for a small group to venture far up into this relatively unexplored river system. Then, the Upper River Adventure; this is the classic MRO journey, great comfort, six days fishing and new water daily. Finishing with the Lower River Expedition; this float trip accesses a very beautiful and remote stretch of the river. Seven days fishing, new water daily and accommodation in a cosy ger camp and comfortable tented camps. As well as the taimen and lenok trout the river is also home to amur pike and amur trout.

2023 Season Availability

18 to 27 September – 1 rod (Upper River Adventure)
28 September to 8 October – 2 rods (Buryat Expedition)
7 to 17 October – 1 rod (Buryat Expedition)

Fish Mongolia Canyons Adventure

The Delger flows through western Mongolia and is a beautiful freestone river shadowed by limestone and granite cliffs which rise hundreds of feet above it. Steep gorges filled with larch and birch forests cascade towards the valley floor. Extremely large taimen lie in wait within the easily negotiated rapids and rock gardens. Banks covered with willows give way to deep pools, sparkling braids and wide gravel bars. Numerous lenok trout lie in wait for a big dry fly to float by and offer tremendous light tackle sport.

The canyon float trips are perfect for anglers looking to explore amazing stretches of productive wild water in a bit of comfort. The trips accommodate four to six anglers and groups float downstream each day between a string of well appointed ger camps. The cosy gers are furnished with traditional artisan pieces, full linen and lovely Mongolian wool blankets. The camps have a shower ger with plenty of hot water. Meals are often taken al fresco allowing anglers to chat and relax during the beautiful, long evenings. Waking on a cool summer morning to a warm crackling fire and a fresh cup of coffee delivered to your ger on a grassy Mongolian meadow is unforgettable. 

2023 Season Availability

13 to 22 June – 1 rod
26 June to 5 July – 2 rods
10 to 19 August – 1 rod
15 to 25 August – 2 rods

Fish Mongolia Headwaters Expedition

The guides call this place “The Temple”. The river here is extremely isolated and strikingly beautiful. Steep, forested walls frame the boulder filled stream. The high-country river is very well protected and holds ancient taimen that rarely see a fly. The Headwaters Expedition is about quality, not quantity. You fish meticulously, quietly walk/wading accompanied by a professional guide. There are some enormous fish in these waters. When the river is clear, there are opportunities to sight fish for extremely large taimen reaching 60 inches. The trout fishing is generally spectacular.

During the first morning on the river, the local team load up camels and horses and everyone journeys into the remote headwaters together. The camels carry all the gear, including boats and on the trip upstream guests either hike or ride horses. The route has a gradual elevation and several river crossings.

Over the next week, anglers work downstream covering a good amount of water each day. The first few days involve walking and wading downstream, the last couple of days are spent floating through the upper canyon.

The camps are a mix of expedition tipis with simple furnishings and well appointed seasonal ger camps. Each camp has a dining tent or ger with a wood stove and a hot shower.

This rugged trip is limited to only four anglers per departure. It’s a wonderful adventure and great for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness looking for something out of the ordinary and an opportunity to explore a remote and highly productive stretch of wilderness river.

2023 Season Availability

8 – 17 August – 1 rod

To book, or for more information on fly fishing trips in Mongolia, contact Alex Jardine or contact us on ++44 1980 847389.