Here’s the latest fishing news from Alphonse Island, Cosmoledo and Farquhar Atolls in the Seychelles. The GTs have been out in force along with some great trigger action and trophy bonefish.

Alphonse Island – 28th January to 3rd February

The week had its ups and downs with the weather changing by the hour. Once again, the GTs turned up in their numbers, but with conditions swinging from glass-off to a chop on the water, the fish proved difficult to catch. Nonetheless, all the anglers had a great week smashing the bonefish with a few memorable fish landed in between.

Johan had a special day on the water managing a Flats Slam which included a 92cm GT, 93cm milkfish and a number of bonefish. After a frustrating opening day, he got off to a flying start on day two with a milkfish on his first cast. He decided to spend the rest of the day looking for those GTs which had his number the day before.

He had a couple of shots early on but things went quiet for a while on the dead low tide. However, persistence finally paid off with the Caple shoal making an appearance on Crossroads, a junction between four coral fingers spanning the lagoon. He made the shot count and landed his 92cm giant trevally. Congratulations to Johan on a special achievement in challenging conditions.

Latest Seychelles fishing news

Just seeing the Caple shoal is a spectacle as these large GTs traverse the lagoon along with a group of sharks, creating chaos when they feed in a frenzy on the coral fingers.

After a bunch of good shots, Stu landed a beautiful 58cm permit on the white sand of Tam Tam flat.

All in all a tough week on the flats, but nothing our guests and guides couldn’t handle.

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Cosmoledo Atoll – 26th January to 2nd February

The week on Cosmoledo was celebrated with great weather and good numbers of giant trevally on the flats during the atoll’s neap tide. Searching for the fish by poling on the flats was ideal due to minimal wind the whole week. When the tides were higher, we opted for island walks which produced a fair number of giant trevally around the many small islands of Cosmoledo.

Michael Sarkisian managed to land himself his personal best giant trevally of 130cm on a popper while fishing on the outside of the atoll. Landing a fish of this size is no small feat! Niall and Greg Turley managed to land 21 giant trevally between themselves and committed to fishing the flats for the entire week.

Latest Seychelles fishing news

With the second week of consistent weather conditions contributing to great fishing, we look forward to seeing what next week holds for the atoll and anglers.

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Farquhar Atoll – 25th January to 1st February

This week was definitely one for the books with many guests landing their first catches of the species on offer on Farquhar.

Most of the group were first time Seychelles travellers and anglers, which meant that bonefish was the order of the day. Brothers, Herman and Wian Pieterse, both had an incredible day catching their first bonefish. Kerry Fynn managed his first bonefish, shortly followed by his first-ever giant trevally. Kerry’s boat partner Andrew Flavell managed to get his hands on the sought-after Farquhar bumped parrotfish measuring 107cm. James Hesse also added to the growing list of first bonefish and Matt Bielovich caught the biggest GT of the Farquhar season so far, an incredible 118cm beast. Stephen Van Der Heijden, also on his first trip to Seychelles, caught his first bonefish as well as an awesome bumpy in the surf. Callum Holley caught his first bonefish and topped it with a trophy bone measuring 61cm. Shaun Simpson had some awesome catches, namely a GT and a moustache triggerfish.

Latest Seychelles fishing news

Kevin Ponton, after a slow first day, came back with a bang and caught his first bonefish and his first GT. Callum also managed his first GT making for another day of firsts. The big giant trevally were out to play and Kerry managed to catch a great catch measuring 104cm. Another two GTs were caught for the day as well as another trophy 63cm bonefish.

Herman had a quest to catch his first GT and did so in style getting a fantastic GT in the last five minutes of the third day’s fishing! Matt went out into the deep and got a dogtooth tuna on fly as well as two Napoleon wrasse, both being in the 80cm range. Wian, another first-time Seychelles visitor, wanted to get his first GT and knocked it out of the park by getting two for the day. 

With the GTs around in numbers, most of the guests had hit luck and caught, but Stephen was not yet on the board. He went out on the fifth day and not only got the monkey off his back but managed three geets for the day with his boat partner Wian, who caught two for the day. Kevin had an incredible day catching a magnificent yellowmargin triggerfish of 59cm. Shaun also caught a yellowmargin trigger along with a bonefish and a GT making the first flats slam of the week. Matt got his hands on his first bumpy measuring 107cm. 

On the last day of the week, with testing conditions, James was able to contribute to the GT tally – his first – and the perfect way to end an amazing week’s fishing.

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