In this unprecedented time of isolation in our homes its very important to have something to look forward to. In our case that tends to be fishing in some form or another. This time represents the perfect opportunity to planning something for when this, what ever this is, ends. Judging by those countries that have already peaked and how many of our operators are thinking we are hoping that fishing will return to normal towards the end of the year – and certainly into 2021.

To that end perhaps the way through this is to start planning next years adventure or that trip you have always wanted to do. Strangely enough we anticipate that next year is going to be tight on space as many of this who trips have been disrupted this year will be moving into next years season. Alongside those bookings that are already underway for 2021 such as South America, the Indian Ocean and many other saltwater operations there will be double the number of people looking for space. We would therefore encourage you to start thinking about now. The very exercise of looking at next years trip and thinking about fishing, kit and preparation will potentially relieve the feeling of the walls closing in around us.

There is another positive to consider in all this which is pressure. The lack of travelling anglers over the next six months is going to give many fisheries a welcome rest allowing the fish and habitats to revert back to their natural state. We have seen this many times across the world where the fishing comes back very strong. This can improve the fishing dramatically, allow fisheries to recuperate and when we return the fishing will be better than ever.

We are all struggling through this period as best we can, but I would like to spare a thought for our operators. Many of you have been travelling with us to the same destinations year in and year out and we have made great friends in many different areas of the globe. Its vital that we continue to support them through this time to maintain these fisheries for the future. Just because we are on lock down now does not mean we can’t plan our fishing for the future. It is a passion that many of us cant do without, so we have no intention of stopping now.

The team is on hand to help with any enquiry and there is nothing we would like to do more than talk about fishing if we can’t actually go fishing. In the meantime, I hope you will take advantage of our YouTube Channel for inspiration or just entertainment.  

If you would like more information please contact Peter McLeod or call us on +44 1980 847389. Alternatively click HERE if you would like us to contact you.