Due to high airfares for US anglers wishing to travel to Venezuela and therefore Los Roques there have been fewer anglers out at this saltwater paradise this season, the result – the fishing has been exceptional. All fisheries improve with a rest period and Los Roques has been no different, the archipelago is made up of many different types of flat (sand, pancake, coral, ocean) and as a result healthy populations of large bonefish and permit can be found.

Last week, a group of for anglers had the ultimate Los Roques experience. They landed three good tarpon and then hooked a fourth, thought to be 130 lbs, the fight went on into the Caribbean sunset. After a tussle of over one and a half hours the fish was lost, what a memory but a shame to miss the photo opportunity.

The group put the woes of their lost tarpon behind them and continued to land a permit of 20 – 25 lbs and experience incredible bonefishing. They were able to land 8 – 10 bones on each flat, compared to just last season when you were doing well to land 5 – 6 bones on a flat.

This is the Los Roques experience, and this group will surely return to land their monster tarpon next time.

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