Embarking on a Mayfly fishing trip at Wherwell Estate is a treat for any angler. From sections of main river to delightful carrier streams, the fishing on the estate has rich variety of water to experience. Each beat has its own charm and quirks, and you could easily spend two or three days here and feel like you were fishing a completely different venue each day.

When the early spring sun hits, the River Test at Wherwell Estate comes alive. The hedges burst with greenery, and new reeds sprout along the banks, signalling a fresh start. Even below the water’s surface, there’s a buzz of activity.

Securing a spot to fish the upper reaches of the river Test isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Wherwell Estate has some openings in early and late May, and it’s not too hard to get there from London by road or train. Anglers can enjoy different types of fishing, from smaller side channels to the main river, which is home to both stocked and wild trout.

We still have some availability for Mayfly in 2024 on the River Test at the Wherwell Estate.

4th May – 1 to 2 rods
18th May – 1 to 6 rods
20th May – 1 to 4 rods
21st May – 1 to 2 rods
22nd May – 1 to 4 rods
25th May – 1 to 2 rods
26th May – 1 to 4 rods
27th May – 1 to 6 rods

1st June – 1 to 4 rods
2nd June – 1 to 4 rods
5th June – 1 to 2 rods
8th June – 1 to 2 rods
9th June – 1 to 2 rods

May brings a flurry of activity on the water, with various flies hatching. Keep an eye out for hatches like medium olives and iron blue duns, especially on rainy days. As the month progresses, the fishing only gets better, making Wherwell Estate a must-visit for anglers looking for a memorable Mayfly experience.

For more information, further mayfly fishing 2024 availability or to book one of these days please do not hesitate to contact Justin Hancock or Alex Jardine, alternatively you can call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.