Isla Holbox is a small fishing island located on the north-eastern point of the Yucatan Peninsula and boasts one of the planet’s truly great fisheries. Although there are a range of species to be found in the waters of Holbox, it is tarpon that are the true star of this destination.

Isla Holbox, Mexico, Tarpon

The Fishing

The area is a prolific year-round baby tarpon fishery, with five to fifteen pound fish holding in shallow mangrove lagoons, creeks and flats. Sight fishing along the beautiful turtle grass flats and mangrove lagoons is an exciting way to target these acrobats.

In the summer months huge migratory fish congregate in the open water just off the island. It is these large migratory tarpon that make Holbox such a unique fly fishing destination. In May, migrating fish begin to arrive to feed in the clear water of the shallows. During June, July and August, the fishing for large tarpon in the 75 to 190 lbs range is fantastic as they attack the schools of baitfish just offshore. Each morning at sunrise your guide will be waiting to take you on the short panga ride to the most productive waters where you will search the calm surface for rolling schools of tarpon.

Isla Holbox, Mexico, Tarpon

Isla Holbox

At just two and a half hours from Cancun Holbox is one of the few saltwater destinations that can be reached directly from the UK. Holbox Flyfishing Lodge is located on the main Isla Holbox beach, only a short walk from the town square. There are no cars on the island and the streets are made of soft beach sand, allowing you to forego footwear if you wish.

Holbox lodge, Mexico, Yucutan, Tarpon

The Lodge

The lodge is a five-bedroom villa located on a beautiful beachfront within a five-minute walk from town. The villa has a contemporary Mexican flair and accommodates up to ten guests. The beach is perfect for an afternoon swim and the sunsets are spectacular. Lodge manager Luciano Govi is one of the most gracious and hospitable of hosts. The local cuisine combines the variety of fresh seafood with a strong Italian influence and offers some truly memorable and relaxing dining experiences.

Non fishing partners can mix horseback riding on the beach, cenote swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, birding and island exploration with hours of relaxation on the empty white sand beaches of this undiscovered island. It is also possible to mix in a trip to Chichen Itza, the most famous of Mayan Ruins.

Isla Holbox, Mexico, Tarpon

If you are looking to target tarpon, or even mix a little tarpon fishing with something for a non – fishing spouse then look no further.

Availability on request, weeks are beginning to get busy in June and July. For more details on Isla Holbox or to hold space please contact Olly Thompson or call us on 01980 847389.