Through continued conservation efforts funded by generous donors the taimen population is continuing to improve. There is still much work to do, some of which is detailed below.

·     River Clean-ups:  Communities gathered (safely!), floated the rivers, and made certain these streams remain clean and wild.   

·     Taimen Patrols:  Environmental inspectors patrolled the rivers keeping taimen secure for another year.  

·     Sanctuary Signage:  Local artisans constructed tasteful wooden sign-boards to inform people that these streams are protected for taimen.

·     Science in the Schools:  Teachers ramped up our “taimen science in the schools” programs to expand learning opportunities for local kids.

·     Local Protected Areas: With TNC-Mongolia colleagues, local communities established more protected areas to strengthen the Taimen Sanctuaries.

·     Improved Regulations:  Taimen conservation management plans were updated with the Government of Mongolia to solidify and amplify success.

·     Taimen Monitoring:  The guides maintained our critical monitoring program. Data was recorded from 115 taimen – including some giants – in a just a couple of trips!!!

This coming year we look forward to continuing all of the above plus sponsoring Healthy Taimen Festivals (partnering with our friends at BioRegions International), spring redd (nest) surveys, and welcoming Dr. Matt Sloat of Wild Salmon Center back to help guide our science programs.

Make a tax-deductible gift today through our partners at Wild Salmon Center to support their joint conservation efforts.

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