It is now easier than ever to travel to Mongolia; visa requirements have been relaxed for many nationalities and there are good connecting flights to Ulaanbaatar on Air China and Aeroflot. Big taimen, feisty lenok trout and a great adventure await.

The Mongolian taimen (Hucho taimen) has not always experienced the best of times, they were poached to near extinction and had very little help until a handful of Western fly fishers headed over in the early 1990’s. These pioneering anglers have been able to establish conservation areas and build local infrastructure to help save the taimen. There is still a long way to go to save the taimen but with more international anglers and an emphasis on catch and release the future looks bright for this most mighty of river fish.

We work closely with four different operations in Mongolia, we have chosen these particular camps because their number 1 concern is the sustainability of their fish and fishery and as a by-product they experience the best fishing available in Mongolia.

For more information on any of our Mongolian operations please contact Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.


The Delger River flows through western Mongolia, a beautiful freestone river shadowed by limestone and granite cliffs rising hundreds of feet above the river. Steep gorges filled with larch and birch forests cascade towards the valley floor. Extremely large taimen lie in wait within the easily negotiated rapids and rock gardens. Banks covered with willows give way to deep pools, sparkling braids and wide gravel bars. Numerous lenok trout lie in wait for a big dry fly to float by and offer tremendous light tackle sport. The float trip offers you an incredible experience as you raft down covering new water each day. Each night you are based in comfortable ger camps set up in different locations along the river.


The guides call this place “The Temple”. The river here is extremely isolated and strikingly beautiful. Steep, forested walls frame the boulder filled stream. The high-country river is very well protected and holds ancient taimen that rarely see a fly. The Headwaters Expedition is about quality, not quantity. You fish meticulously, quietly walk/wading accompanied by a professional guide. There are some enormous fish in these waters. When the river is clear, there are opportunities to sight fish for extremely large taimen reaching sixty-inches. The trout fishing is generally spectacular. This is a more rugged trip with anglers overnighting in comfortable roaming tipi camps.


Located in the Khövsgöl region of Northern Mongolia, the Sweetwater operation created the World’s first taimen conservation project, working with the local communities to protect this truly incredible fish. The ger camp is situated on the banks of the river and is your base while you explore the Eg-Ur watershed by motorised boats each day. As with all the operations, most of the fishing for taimen is done with dry flies, including big mouse imitations, as taimen love to attack a skated dry fly.


Mongolian River Outfitters have such a vast conservation area of prime taimen water that they have designed two float options that allow anglers to fish great water while resting large areas to avoid over fishing. Firstly, the Upper River Adventure; this is the classic MRO journey, great comfort, six days fishing and new water daily. Secondly, the Lower River Expedition; this float trip accesses a very beautiful and remote stretch of the river. Seven days fishing, new water daily and accommodation in a cosy ger camp and comfortable tented camps. As well as the taimen and lenok trout the river is also home to amur pike and amur trout.

For more information on any of our Mongolian operations please contact Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.