On my recent trip to Alphonse Island in the Seychelles I had the opportunity to try out Costa Del Mar’s latest offering, the 580P lens. We all know that their 580 lens has been outstanding, and I have been using them in a number of different tints for varying fishing conditions around the world for the last four years. Up to now the 580 lens has only been available in glass, which although fantastic is a little heavier than polycarbonate.

Well, they have done it again, so now one has the full benefits of the 580 lens in a lightweight and more impact resistant polycarbonate lens. I was quite happy with the vision quality of my older Costas, but a put on a pair of the new ones and the difference was really noticeable, not only in the lightweight feel but also the quality of the colour enhancing lens. It was like HD for my eyes!

I was testing a pair of the ambers (they come in grey and copper as well), and I know there were a few fish on those flats I spotted because of them. I have always had sensitive eyes in bright light ( Oh poor me…), but my eyes felt totally relaxed for fish spotting, not only in the low light conditions in the morning, but also under the bright midday sun on a Seychelles flat. Costa Del Mar has impressed me yet again and they are now available in the UK through normal Costa Del Mar retail outlets. If you would like to find your nearest stockist please contact Seapower (UK) Ltd, the UK and European distributer,  [email protected]    Tel 01628 623100