The number healthy taimen rivers on the planet can pretty much be counted on one hand. We are committed to conserving two of world’s last and best. If you have ever drifted over a 50+ inch taimen, had a crazed taimen hammer your fly, or been lucky enough release a forty-year old fish…you understand our passion. Taimen are an amazing and extraordinary fish. 

Because of anglers like you over six-hundred miles of rivers have already been conserved, and in these sanctuaries the taimen numbers are increasing and the big fish are thriving. But the threats keep coming. Poachers see the big fish pictures and try to sneak down the canyons for a chance to kill a trophy, so we help local wildlife officers keep up the good fight. Outside interests force ill-conceived development on communities. An example of which is the recent disastrous mining proposal that we secured an attorney to successfully shut down.  With our friends at The Nature Conservancy and the Mongolia and regional governments, we are now creating taimen watershed conservation plans to further protect these incredible fish.

Collaborative partnerships are the only way to protect these rivers.  So we are thrilled that the Wild Salmon Center has joined the effort to take our habitat, science, and incentive-based conservation work to the next level.

Dr. Matt Sloat – WSC’s Science Director – sums it up well: “Our experience at WSC has taught us that responsible fishing outfitters can be the most effective advocates for taimen conservation. The work of MRO/FM provides the foundation for an unprecedented understanding of taimen populations.” 

The Taimen Stronghold Partnership is a new joint initiative that combines Wild Salmon Center’s scientific and technical expertise with Mongolia River Outfitters’ on-the-ground operations and knowledge to conserve this iconic species. Anglers like you can support this joint conservation effort by making a tax-deductible donation to WSC.

Your contribution will make a big difference to sustain anti-poaching efforts, promote taimen in the schools programs, and the rigorous science needed to inform decision-making. 

These are crazy times and there many worthy causes out there.  So we are very humbly asking that you consider making a donation for taimen this year.   

Our mantra has always been, “Little money.  Big conservation”.   We keep it local, efficient, and cost-effective. 

We hope that you will continue to help us all protect these magical rivers and fish.  Every MRO/FM angler is a conservation partner. 

If you would like to learn more or make a gift, please click HERE to donate or contact us today at [email protected] or phone +1.530.604.2160.