New Zealand is one of the most incredible trout fishing destinations in the world. It consistently provides giant brown trout along with rainbows that are more akin to steelhead on the West Coast of North America. The crystal clear waters provide spectacular sight fishing opportunities for both dry flies and nymphs.

Over time the anglers of New Zealand have developed a method to provide the best of both dries and nymphs, this is referred to as New Zealand dropper or the Duo method. This requires the use of a dry fly with a section of tippet tied off the bend of the hook with a nymph tied below. The dry fly is then both acting as both a dry fly and an indicator.

A lot of the NZ rivers are best fished with another person or guide, who will take on the role of the fish spotter. As the rivers are usually very clear, a careful approach is important and therefore when you have a spotter you are able to stay out of a fishes view while the spotter instructs you on where the fish is in the pool.

The fish are often sat several feet below the surface unless there is a good hatch happening, these fish can sometimes be brought up to a big dry fly such as a stimulator or cicada pattern. For those fish less willing to move up, by having a pheasant tail or hare and copper nymph trailing behind your chances of catching that fish of the trip and even of a lifetime are greatly improved.

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