We love the Poronui Lodge on the North Island of New Zealand due to its private word class trout fly fishing but that is not the only thing on offer. What was once a high-country sheep and cattle estate has now developed into a world-class recreational retreat and discerning travelers can expect to find activities and facilities to match. The health spa includes a qualified massage therapist, fitness gym, steam and sauna rooms – all offering guests an environment in which to exert or be pampered in.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand, Fishing, Hunting, fishing guides New Zealand

The property is a glorious playground for country pursuits. From the equestrian and mountain bike centre you can ride more than 100 miles of private roads and tracks through rugged pioneer country. Expect to see Highland Red Stags and several other species of deer, mountain goats and wild sheep as you explore the property. The shooting school has a multiple trap sporting clay target range and simulated field shoot.

Fishing at Poronui Lodge

Every angler with a story to tell has an opinion as to where to find the best trout on the planet.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand, Fishing, Hunting, fishing guides New Zealand

Today, many of these stories refer to the trout of New Zealand, and to Poronui in particular. Avid fly fishers from all corners of the globe come to Poronui to test their skills against New Zealand’s notoriously large and wily, brown and rainbow trout.

Guests will discover secluded streams, home to incredibly large resident browns and rainbows, with fly fishing opportunities to suit every preference and ability. Expect to fish new water everyday – no matter how long you stay at Poronui.

The mountains adjacent to Poronui are vast estates of Maori-owned land. We are privileged to have access to much of this wonderful wilderness reserve through our helicopter programme. Without a doubt, the remoteness of these rivers and streams make them some of the most prized fly fishing waters in the world.

Guided Horse Treks at Poronui Lodge

There are more than 100 miles of roads and trails ideally suited for horse riding.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand, Fishing, Hunting, fishing guides New Zealand

These trails make their way through tree covered hills and cross the gentle streams of the property offering great views of diverse landscapes, ranging from lush native forests, manuka scrub land to open grasslands. On your treks, expect to hear the song of native birds, see spectacular scenery and gain insight into the pioneering history of the land.

The team of horses are New Zealand station bred. They are chosen for their temperament, steady gate and sure footedness. They are kept fit and well-schooled in all disciplines ensuring a fun ride for all. There is nothing more exhilarating than a gallop over the hills for the experienced rider!

The professional guide comes with extensive experience in the schooling of young horses, ponies, competing and instructing. She knows the property intimately, is passionate about the outdoors and has in-depth knowledge of New Zealand flora, fauna and local history.

Poronui have horses and treks to suit all levels of expertise from the introductory ride for the beginner to the hill rides for the advanced rider.

Walking and Hiking at Poronui Lodge

A chance to enjoy breath-taking scenery at your own pace.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand, Fishing, Hunting, fishing guides New Zealand

Take a leisurely stroll, or for the more adventurous take to the hill-country trails. With so many trails on the property it would be impossible to cover them all in a week’s stay.

For those wanting real solitude, take one of our simple maps and perhaps a picnic lunch.

The guided walks are to the more remote corners of the property with a chance to view / photograph some of our indigenous flora and fauna. This is a unique opportunity to retrace the steps of early settlers, deer cullers, fishers, hunters and pioneering farmers.

The 6,000 acres of virgin beech forest is a haven for endangered species such as native mistletoe, bush falcons and Kaka, a rare New Zealand parrot.

If that is not enough then Poronui are privileged to have access to much of the Maori owned land in the surrounding Central North Island. Heli-hiking at Poronui will transport you to these truly remote areas where you and your guide can enjoy the magic of the high-country in solitude. The variety of scenery, the terrain and the peace is quite incredible.

The Kai Waho Experience at Poronui Lodge

A unique Maori cultural journey.

A real opportunity for interested guests to learn how the Maori existed, how they kept their culture and traditions alive for centuries and how they gathered, stored and cooked food.

Kai Waho means outdoor cuisine and when combined with the native surroundings it is the complete ‘Maori Outdoor Experience’. Tom Loughlin – tangata whenua (person of the land) is not only passionate about his culture, but also a professional chef and expert hunter/gatherer. Tom uses traditional Maori gathering techniques and cooking methods to create a magnificent hangi feast while sharing his knowledge and stories.

Shooting at Poronui Lodge

The shooting school at Poronui provides personalized tuition for all disciplines.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand, Fishing, Hunting, fishing guides New Zealand

Shot Guns – The sporting clays course is built in a steep wooded valley with multiple shooting stations and a fully automated twenty-trap layout.
Rifles – For the rifle enthusiasts, train your eye at our target range.
Archery – Start in the practice area before heading out on the field course. There you will find 3 dimensional targets hiding in the bush.
Long Range Shooting – The buzz of hitting the target at 400 + meters.

A few sessions on these courses under the watchful eye of your tutor is a perfect way to hone existing skills or develop new ones.

Poronui Lodge also offers the ability to hunt all of the North Island game species in one location, including; Highland Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Rusa, Sambar or Sika Stag.

If you would like more details about Poronui Lodge or New Zealand as a whole please contact Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.