Alaska covers a huge area and it can be difficult to know and understand where you should be heading, why you should be heading there, what you should be targeting when you get there and when to travel to target what you want to target. These can change from lodge to lodge and that’s what we are there for – to help point you in the right direction.

However, for greater insight, please also take a look at our in-depth overview feature. Also, make sure to check out Steffan Jones’ trip report from his adventure there last autumn, which also provides further insight, click here for the report.

As a general synopsis of when to target what, the following will also be of use:

We could never cover all the reasons to visit Alaska in one post. However, one of our favourite reasons is the incredible species variety on offer to you throughout the season. Alaska presents the most diverse freshwater fishery, offering something for everyone, not matter what the experience level. To give an impression of what to expect throughout the season, the following is a rough guide:





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