If you travel to Argentina on an annual basis to chase the sea trout of Tierra Del Fuego or the fantastic trout of Central Patagonia then chances are you will have seen everything you want to see in Buenos Aires.

However, the Delta Day Programme not only provides an avenue to escape the city life but also show you a whole new aspect to the city and area. Within 45 minutes of the city itself you are fishing in unspoilt and largely unexplored surroundings. As such, whether you’re in Buenos Aires for business or on the way through to another fishing operation this is your perfect escape.

The programme is headed by Noel Pollack – THE dorado expert and someone who’s always a pleasure to be around. With Noel guiding your day you are bound to enjoy the experience and will certainly learn a lot during the day.

The programme is also extremely good value for money if there are two of you. Cost for a day is US$795 whether there’s one or two of you i.e. US$397.50 each. Transfers can also be arranged at a cost of US$75 per person, return.

For more information please contact Steffan Jones or phone 01980 847 389.