Fishing Report: October 4-6, 2014

This week our Fly-in Floating-Cabins are located at the Muhura reservation in the Matupiri and the Tupana Rivers and we are also breaking waters at the lower Xeruini with another 8 angler group. Weather has been fine in both fisheries with some tropical showers as usual, some more serious rain is expected towards next weekend in both areas, lighter in he Carvoeiro area.

Water levels are a bit high, mainly due to the El Niño influence in the region, this has somehow delayed the descent of the waters that are now descending as expected. Nevertheless fishing is showing good numbers, and feedback from the anglers also shows that they are enjoying good activity and the typical aggressiveness of peacocks at the beginning of the season.

The largest trophy caught last week weighed 18 lbs and the final count for last week´s groups were a significant 2,649 lbs of peacock bass (12 anglers) and 1,551 lbs(8 anglers).