Cameron Lodge Overview

60km+ of the Rio Grande to fish along with a myriad of other rivers and lakes easily accessed from the lodge. Target sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, brook char and even king salmon from one lodge and over one stay. Single rooms as standard.

2015 Season Fishing Reports

Period: Early Season

New season started. First visit into the river during December and very good king salmon activity. Between 11 and 18 kilos the biggest caught on sea trout holding areas. Salmon running up to Rio Blanco.

Sea trout just showed on January 7. The river dropped a little so this week starts fishing on floating and intermediate lines. Four sea trout caught in two days, one rod though, floating and small blue silver intruders worked well, tying on tube. (3-4 cms)

Water Level: A few rains over last weeks and the river continue dropping. We expect more rain over the next few days.

Fishing conditions: Fishing down 45 dead drift and swing for anadromus species.

Water temperature: 9-11 Celsius

Weather conditions: Windy as typical day in Tierra del Fuego, long daylights to 22:30 at night. This time of the year daylight last 19 hours.

Flies used: Small intruders worked well as picture shown on top. Salmon patterns like blue charm, undertaker and green butt always have been successful.

Whole fishing week not done, so not possible to determinate fishing amount, but sea trout are showing in different parts of the river. This week I’ll keep on scouting different beats to find more numbers.

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