Visit before the 31st of January or after the 14th of March and pay just US$3,950 per rod, to include a single room as standard, all inclusive stay and your fishing licence. Stay between these dates for just US$4,500 per rod. Got a group looking to travel? Five pay and the sixth goes free – this saving can also be applied across all rods, of course.

60km+ of the Rio Grande to fish along with a myriad of other rivers and lakes easily accessed from the lodge. Target sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, brook char and even king salmon from one lodge and over one stay. Single rooms as standard. All this for just US$4,500 per rod! Best of all you can still access it through the town of Rio Grande (just a 2hr transfer) and you can also stay for a few days rather a full week, which makes it a great add-on to the lodges downstream. We would urge you to see the place for yourself, as it’s worth the journey for the scenery alone.

Cameron Lodge represents some of the best value fishing around, if not the best. We know this program extremely well so please do make contact to find out more.

More Lodge Information:

A solid week fishing the same river is too monotonous for many, as they look to spice the package up a little with some other alternatives, species and locations. For decades this has remained a mere ‘desire’ as fishing on the Argentine side of the Rio Grande side could not offer such tangents, contingencies and luxuries. However, in our relentless pursuit to find something to suit everyone we stumbled across a little gem of a lodge located just over the border in Chile at a very reasonable price. It remains largely unknown to travellers embarking on this magical island that the majority of the Rio Grande flows on the Chilean side, with this being the case up to and including the middle reaches of the river.

Stay for a seven night day with six full days fishing for just US$4,500 per person with a single room as standard. This includes the transfers to/from the lodge and all meals/drinks.

Fantastic availability at present in the peak of the season.

More information on the lodge can be found here.

For more information please contact Steffan Jones or phone 01980 847 389.