Steffan recently met up with Scott Hed on his recent trip to Alaska. For those that have never heard of Scott; he is the person behind the ‘Save Bristol Bay’ campaign and has been working relentlessly on the programme for the last eight years. He is a truly inspirational character and someone that deserves our admiration and support. He has dedicated his life to this, so a few minutes of our won’t hurt. You have until Friday to voice your support and opinion, so please do not miss out.

What can you do? Simple; here’s a few words from Scott:

Thanks for your interest in the Pebble Mine campaign. Here’s a simple way to help out.
I am writing to ask your support in a very simple fashion for one of the fishing and hunting world’s most pressing conservation battles. This is an issue which has brought together over 1,100 hunting and angling groups and businesses, ranging from catch and release anglers and fly rod makers to bear hunting guides, big game hunters and manufacturers of firearms and ammunition.

If you have an interest in doing a small thing to help, here is the letter that we’re sending to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Bristol Bay, Alaska and the proposed Pebble Mine. It would be great to add your business to the signers.

Please show your support today.