Over 400 miles from the Pacific Ocean, flowing through the interior state of Idaho, the Clearwater River’s unique run of steelhead have evolved larger and stronger than any other summer steelhead in the United States. Known to reach upwards of 30 lbs, the Clearwater “B” run steelhead draw anglers from around the world.

A lengthy fishing season begins in July and can last until March with peak angling time occurring during the Autumn months when peak numbers of fish and favorable water temperatures make the Clearwater the premier floating line steelhead fishery in the world. Favoured by many anglers, the Clearwater steelhead are extremely surfaced oriented preferring small traditional wet flies and waking dries fished on a floating line.

An extremely large river, the Clearwater features long, broad, boulder filled runs ideal for a classic cast and step approach to swinging a fly. Flowing through diverse habitat from alpine forest in its upper reaches to an arid desert in the lower river, there are 70 fishable miles of river reaching from Lewiston, Idaho upstream to the small town of Kooskia.

A lifetime of water to fish, the guides of the Clearwater Steelhead Syndicate are seasoned experts on the river, knowing the best holding water, fly patterns, and techniques for enticing the Clearwater’s amazing steelhead.

If you are looking for a migratory species to target during October and November when most other areas of the world are not in season and to fish floating line for aggressive steelhead the look no further than the Clearwater. Prices from £2,000 for 6 days fishing excluding flights.

For more information on Clearwater steelhead please contact Peter McLeod or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.